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Christmas Outfits for Boys | Our Top Picks

Picking out the perfect Christmas clothes for boys to wear to parties and on the big day itself can be a tricky task. Whether you’re trying to balance style with comfort, find formal wear as well as a more relaxed look, we have a wealth of boys designer clothes for you to choose from that will have heads turning for this year’s festive season.

We’ve made finding the perfect boys Christmas party outfit for any age a doddle, with sweet picks and seasonal accessories for little boys as well as smart and festive choices for older boys and teenagers. Find festive knitwear and smart teen boys trousers, designer shoes and dressy adornments all in our top picks.

24 Nov 2021

Our favourite Christmas outfits for boys

Ralph Lauren Christmas Knits

Renowned for their timeless Christmas knitwear, Ralph Lauren have a wonderful collection of Christmas jumpers that will last year after year. Many feature the iconic Polo Bear and skiing Polo Bear in festive attire and all of the knitted pieces are guaranteed to be as warm and cosy as can be. Read more about the cosy Ralph Lauren Christmas knitwear collection in our Seasonal Knits guide.

Designer outfits for little boys

Designer outfits for little boys

Finding the right outfit to dress little boys in for Christmas can be hard as you try to think practically with comfort, feeding and potential outfit changes in mind. Our collection for this age group has pieces that are largely interchangeable to allow for any spillages and change of clothes that might be necessary on the day. Soft, stretchy and comfortable pieces adorn this collection, making sure that they can play happily in their Christmas outfits all day.

Designer outfits for younger boys

Designer outfits for younger boys

Dressing up when your priority is play makes finding the right outfit for festivities a tall order but here at Childrensalon we have a wealth of junior boys designer clothes, providing you with plenty of options for the big day and the parties that surround it. Choose a short sleeved shirt and a fun blazer with matching trousers and a pair of trainers for a perfect balance of comfort and style.

Designer outfits for teen boys

Choosing teen boy clothes that work for the festive season is made easy here at Childrensalon. With a wealth of seasonal knits, designer formal shirts, smart teen boys trousers and brogues to complete the look, we have everything you need this Christmas. Heading out? Wrap up warm in our designer winter coats and accessories, from gloves and snoods to winter hats and padded jackets, we’ve got you covered for the cooler temperatures.

Don’t forget to wrap up outdoors

While our smart shirts, trousers and festive knitwear is ideal for celebrations indoors, make sure you wrap them up warm when you head outside. Our winter coats and jackets add a stylish layer to any Christmas outfit and don’t forget your hats, scarves and gloves for those extra cold days and nights this winter.

Looking for more inspiration?

Make sure you take a look at our Christmas shop to find everything you need for dressing children beautifully for the festive season. Alternatively, visit Childrensalon Lifestyle for more Christmas styling, gift guides and more.

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