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Bringing Home a Newborn | Top Tips

​​Bringing home a newborn baby, especially for the first time, can be completely overwhelming with the extraordinary weight of responsibility that comes with caring for a child. We have partnered up with mother-of-two, Laura of @_islajune, to bring you the best tips for surviving the first week with your new baby.

Laura has recently brought home baby Eden and introduced him to his big sister, Isla, aged two. Having a toddler and a newborn to care for is a juggle and the first introduction of siblings is a particularly special moment. As a new mum, making sure you take care of yourself, whenever possible, is vital to looking after your own wellbeing as well as that of your children.

20 Sep 2021

Laura says...

It’s only been a few months since I brought Eden home from the hospital but I can remember vividly how challenging those first few days can be at times.

Make time for yourself

It’s so easy when a little one comes along and turns your life upside down to forget about yourself in the process but it’s so so important to take that time and look after yourself too. Whether it’s taking time to have a hot bath, a warm drink or even sitting in your car in silence while they nap, whatever makes you happy then do it. Your little one needs a happy and calm caregiver so make sure to look after yourself too.

Accept help

Never be ashamed to ask for help when you need it or accept it when it’s offered. Raising a tiny human is one of the hardest jobs on the planet at times and it does take a village, so take all the help that is offered! In that first week you’ll likely be inundated with people wanting to meet the new arrival and hold the baby but make sure those around you are holding you too as parents. Whether that’s family and friends bringing you meals, holding your baby while you shower or even watching your little one while you get some much needed sleep – accept the help and never feel ashamed. It’s so important to surround yourself with those who support and help you and your family.

Talk, talk and talk some more

It’s normal to go through a range of different emotions following birth as your hormones level out and you adjust to your new life. It really is important to talk to those closest to you about how you are feeling and, if you are worried at any point, then talk to your midwife or GP. 

Embrace it all

Time honestly flies by so embrace all those middle of the night cuddles, rocking them to sleep and treasure that newborn smell! They’re only tiny for a short time, believe me.

All images by @ _islajune

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