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Packing Guide | Their First Family Vacation

Whether you’re heading to your favourite family resort or doing a little cultural sightseeing, holidaying with an infant adds a whole new dimension to your trip. Gone are the days when a vacation meant simply kicking back with a good book or sipping on something fruity with an umbrella in it. Instead, you’ll be putting on your CEO hat (chief entertainment organiser) and planning lots of activities to keep your inquisitive tot occupied.

There’s also their packing list to think about: swimwear, sun-protective clothing, pool accessories, sandals, not to mention a line-up of books and toys to help keep tantrums at bay from the plane journey to your chosen destination. Read on to discover our top tips and activity ideas for travelling with a little one, along with a few sunshine staples to keep them happy and give you the chance to claim back some much-needed R and R time. And relax . . .


Image by Sunuva

6 Jun 2024

Destination: Airport

Whilst the thought of navigating a busy airport and a packed plane with a toddler can be off-putting, there are lots of ways that you can make the journey relatively stress-free for both you and your child. Remember, it may feel counterproductive for a little one who’s just found their feet to stay sitting in one place for any extended period of time, so be sure to go prepared with books, toys and snacks to keep them distracted. And when it comes to their travelling outfit, comfy, unrestrictive clothing that can be layered up or down is our top recommendation, including shoes that are easy to put on and take off. If you’re braving a long-haul flight, many of our lounge sets are comfy enough to sleep in. Planes can get chilly, so don’t forget to take a blanket to throw over them if slumber calls.


  1. Plug In: If there’s one occasion that calls for screen time, it’s a plane journey.Add a pair of toddler headphones to help them tune into their favourite cartoon (don't forget to download plenty) and dull the noise of their surroundings.
  2. Pack a Bag: Let them help with packing their hand luggage. A mini backpack filled with their favourite things will give your toddler the autonomy to pick out their favourite book or toy; you could also pack a few small gifts that they can unwrap every hour. 
  3. Take a Stroll: The novelty of an airport offers plenty of new discoveries for your inquisitive tot. Take them for a hand-held walk to use up some energy and tire them out for a snooze when you’re on the plane.

Image by Geox

"I take a bag of activities for the plane. Stickers are always a winner, and a colouring book."

Heather, Images Manager

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Destination: Pool

Hooray! You’ve made it to your destination, the sun is shining, and the first place that’ll be calling your name is the pool. Even with a toddler by your side, you can still enjoy that vacation feeling. In fact, a pool day is the perfect opportunity to bond with your mini mermaid and put those baby swimming lessons into practice. To help, we have adorable float suits, vests and swim aids to let them splash around to their heart’s content with you by their side. When you're back on the lounger, our soft hooded towels offer complete comfort for post-swim cuddles. Vacation mode most definitely on.


Now, it goes without saying that toddlers need constant supervision around water. Even pools that are overseen by a lifeguard or have a surrounding fence are a potential risk, so be sure to plan ahead by researching the accommodation’s amenities. And when you get there, do a family walk-around to identify any potential hazard points. This will give you added peace of mind and help to make the whole vacation experience more enjoyable.


  1. Keep Swimming: Starting with a short distance, and wearing their most colourful armbands, see how far your toddler can swim between you and another person. This not only builds strength and helps to develop motor function but is sure to provide lots of giggles too. 

  2. Jump In: Does your aquatic adventurer want to make a splash? Have them sit on the edge of the pool and encourage them to jump into your arms in the water. They'll be an Olympic diver in no time.

  3. Inflatable Fun: Beach balls and colourful rubber rings provide the perfect supervised in-pool entertainment for your toddler, and they don’t take up much room in your luggage either.

    Image by Liewood

“Our kids live in their poncho towels on holiday. They’re great around the pool!”

Michael, Creative Lead

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Destination: Beach

Sand, sea and sun-kissed cheeks: the beach is a magical place for a family day out. And with a blanket down and the parasol up, your toddler can play in the shade while you relax. Naturally, the same safety rules apply at the beach as they do by the pool, with the added consideration of tides and sea critters. Be sure to look out for beach flags which show where it’s safe to venture into the water. With all that in mind, the beach can be an exciting, adventure-packed place for your inquisitive toddler. Splashing in the shallows is great fun, or why not seek out rockpools together to see if they can spot a crab or two?


To keep your little one entertained on the beach, a bucket and spade set will do the trick. For this, they’ll need our UPF50+ sun suits and sun hats — remember, the more coverage, the better when it comes to kids' sun safety, so the addition of longer sleeves and legs, plus hats with neck covers, will keep them even better protected in the sun. And for any bare bits, only factor 30+ will do. Digging holes and building castles is also thirsty work, so keep your toddler fed and hydrated with plenty of snacks and refreshing drinks in a cool box.


  1. Writing in the Sand: This is a great activity to keep them entertained whilst encouraging creative play. Using a stick or your finger, help them write out numbers, practise their ABCs or draw a masterpiece in the sand.
  2. Building Sandcastles: Moulds, buckets, and spades can provide hours of entertainment. Tap into their artistic side by building a castle together and decorate with shells. Don’t forget to put the shells back where you found them as they are part of the beach’s ecosystem.
  3. Make a Mini Pool: Dig a hole close to your beach set-up (your child can help with this), line with a waterproof layer, and fill with sea water for their very own beach pool, complete with water toys from Liewood.

Image by Sunuva

"Bring double the necessities, you can never have too much food or drink with toddlers."

Rachael, Senior Creative Editor

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Destination: Day Trip

If your idea of a family vacation is more about soaking up the local culture, then navigating cobbled streets and busy attractions with a toddler comes with its own set of obstacles. Whilst inquisitive, a two-year-old will have a short attention span, and with so many new things to see, touch and taste, a day trip has the potential to overstimulate and subsequently tire out your tot. The trick is to go prepared with plenty of snacks, water and sun-protective essentials, including the factor 50.


With your guidebook tucked into one of the many pockets of your changing bag, there are lots of fun ways to make the most of your day of discovery. If you’re planning to get some steps in, then a pair of comfy toddler-approved sandals is a must for your tiny tourist — look out for adjustable straps (feet expand in the heat and the last thing you want is their shoes rubbing) along with sturdy soles. For their outfit, the key is to choose lightweight fabrics like cotton and breezy linen, and pack extra layers such as a loose-fitting shirt to add coverage in sunny spots. And when the time comes for your exhausted explorer to rest, a sunshade and a cuddly toy will send them off to the land of nod in their stroller while you carry on enjoying your surroundings — now’s your chance to make a pit stop to sample the local culinary delights along with a much-needed chilled drink.



  1. Game On: Keeping their attention isn't always easy, so why not make up your own game like ‘Spot the . . .’. All you need to do is fill in the blank and they can point away. 
  2. Picture Perfect: Budding photographers can bring along their favourite toy, and they can help you snap pictures of it in different destinations — this will also inspire their creativity and help them engage with their surroundings.
  3. Activity Time: When you need a moment of calm, or they aren't quite as interested in the centuries-old monument you're visiting, an activity book will keep them busy (and quiet).

    Image by Tartine et Chocolat

“The kids have their own backpacks for day trips which I fill the night before." 
Laura, Senior Creative Project Manager

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