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Styling | Little Marc Jacobs

Haileigh Vasquez is one of our Salonnieres - an exclusive group of Childrensalon mini style advisors. Hailed as one of the most fashionable child stars on Instagram, Haileigh has at just nine years old already walked the runway at New York Fashion Week. 

In celebration of the launch of our Little Marc Jacobs Daisy capsule collection now online, we asked Haileigh to style her favourite pieces by the iconic designer who was born and raised in her home city of New York. 
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25 Apr 2019

Fashion is a big part of your life - describe your signature style.

Fashion is my entire life! I couldn't even begin to enjoy all the things I do on a daily basis if my look isn’t right. I would say that my signature style is something dressy with a touch of class and comfort.

Your mom is a children’s fashion stylist. Do you choose your own clothing or does she like to advise you what to wear?

I have learned so much from my mom. I pick out a lot of my stuff and I feel like she and I, we are a team. She points out things or she suggests add-ons like accessories, shoes and hairstyles.

What is it you love about the new Little Marc Jacobs Daisy capsule collection? What is your favourite piece?

I LOVE the colours! They go so well together like they are meant to be. I love the pattern because it reminds me of spring when the flowers begin to blossom everywhere. The cute Miss Marc logo is an attention getter. My favourite is the bright, floral tracksuit.

April is officially the month of the Daisy and happens to be your birth month too - what will you be doing to celebrate?

April is the best month in my opinion because it’s my birthday! I’m so happy that it launches then. I’m turning 10 years old - the double digits and I feel like it’s a BIG deal, so my current wishes are to go to Paris and visit Disneyland and go to all of the museums to learn about my future home (I plan to move there) then fly back home and have a birthday party with all my friends. My mom hasn’t mentioned anything so I’m wondering if she forgot - or maybe it’s a surprise!

Marc Jacobs references the Daisy in a lot of his creations in homage to his favourite literary character Daisy Buchanan, from the book ‘The Great Gatsby’. Do you have a favourite book and/or fictional character?

I like Daisy Buchanan. I've seen a little of the movie but I haven’t read the book yet. She has great style and I think she was very elegant and stylish so I see why she's his favourite character. I have a lot of favourite books because I love to read, but if I had to choose it’d be the Princess Diaries series. I have read all the books and I sometimes daydream about what it would be like to be a real-life princess and to have endless clothing. It seems like it would be amazing!

All images by @hails_world

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