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Host Halloween at home with @arangoirene

With Halloween just around the corner, we reached out to Irene — and her children Ariana and Oliver — and asked for her tips on how to host the spookiest Halloween party for kids, with some cute fancy dress costumes ideas, courtesy of Dress Up by Design, Meri Meri and more.

"Ahead of Halloween, we dedicated last weekend to some fun-filled Halloween activities. We made spooky food, painted pumpkins and dressed up — which included some fun face painting. It was all a surprise for the kids, as I kept the activities and costumes secret. I gave them the box in the morning and we let the spooky day begin."

14 Oct 2020

Dressing Up

Our Halloween theme this year is black and white, with some accent colours - quite minimalistic. Ariana is wearing a lovely white swan costume by Dress up by Design and to make it fit the theme and match the festivities, we combined it with Mayoral black leggings and a turtleneck top. Her makeup imitated the look of the main character of Black Swan, the movie. I think she looks pretty cool!

Oliver wore an amazing dragon costume by Dress up by Design, and he also wore black Mayoral clothing to match the theme. I did his makeup trying to imitate scales on his face in both red and blue to match the colours of the dragon costume. I used a net from the supermarket - the ones you get filled with oranges or lemons -  to make the scale pattern on his face. He absolutely loved how he looked!

Frightfully Fancy

Who said Halloween costumes had to be spooky? On the most fun day of the year, dress up as your favourite superhero, fairytale or mythical character 

Pumpkin Painting

Once the costumes were sorted we started with pumpkin painting. This is my favourite activity to do with younger kids because its much safer than carving and a lot easier for them to do on their own. You will need:

Pumpkins (any size)
- Your preferred paint colours (we used chalky white and black paint) 
- Paint brushes
- A container with water for the dirty brushes
- A cloth for cleaning hands 

Ariana and Oliver decided they wanted to make one pumpkin of each colour and one mixing both colours so they went for stripes. I simply marked the pumpkin lines with a permanent pen, dividing where the different colour lines would go and alternating black and white. They painted the pumpkins by themselves although it is messy, so make sure you cover your table with paper or oil cloth and preferably use a water-based paint as it washes off easily. 

We then let the pumpkins dry and then we finished decorating one of them with the "BOO!" message. You can also do dots of different colours on top once the base paint has dried or do more elaborate designs. This part is where you can get creative so go ahead and experiment! Once they dry, they are ready to place anywhere for decoration, but bear in mind the rain will ruin the designs, so preferably indoors or under cover.

Spooky Treats

Because one of Ariana’s favourite treats is meringues and the white colour matches our theme, we chose them as our treats. Meringues make amazing ghosts by just adding some eyes and making sure the shape vaguely resembles a ghost when you pipe them. So that was what we did after. We have included our delicious vegan recipe below.


- ½ cup of aquafaba - this is the gooey liquid you get from canned chickpeas if you strain the liquid into a cup
- ½ cup icing sugar
- ½ tsp cream of tartar
- An electric whisk
- 1 x piping bag
- Confectionary eyes (these can be bought from most craft and baking shops) 
- Edible glue

- METHOD  - 
- Heat your oven to 90–100°C
- In a bowl, place the aquafaba and whisk it until it makes soft peaks.
- Start adding the icing sugar a spoonful at a time and keep whisking until the peaks stand tall when you raise the whisk.
- Once ready, transfer the mixture into the piping bag and start making the ghost shapes.
- Once you have all your ghost shapes ready, put them in the oven and cook for 1 hour.
- Let them cool down and add the confectionary eyes using the edible glue!

Make It Fun!

I hope you enjoy making these crafts with your children. Mine absolutely loved them and I am sure they will make me repeat them every year - at least I hope they do because I had lots of fun today- quality time with the kids, making awesome memories.

All images by @arangoirene

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