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Preparing for baby's first Christmas with @raisingyoungones

Christmas is one of the occasions where we create the most memories throughout our llives. For parents, baby's first Christmas is arguably the most exciting for a lot of reasons - even if baby is not old enough to remember or understand, it marks one of the many milestones and 'firsts' in their child's life. 

We reached out to Chloe - @raisingyoungones for her top tips on how best to plan, enjoy and make the most of this special day. As mum to Carter, Hunter and baby Rio - this year Chloe celebrates her third baby's 'first' Christmas within her adorable little family. 



Chloe says ...

"Babies only get one first Christmas and we all want to get it right, but if I’m totally honest there is no right or wrong way to spend their first special day, as long as they’re happy and you’re all having a lovely time, that’s all that really matters! I’ve been having a little think about some tips and ideas for baby's first Christmas that I think will be useful to note ..."


3 Dec 2021

Relax into the big day

Relax and enjoy the day, we all spend so long planning for the big day and wanting it to be perfect that sometimes when things don’t go to plan it can be so stressful, but try to go with the flow and not stress – they won’t remember it but you will! If you’re busy stressing you won’t have a nice day and you won’t remember your baby’s first Christmas the way you want to. Make the day as easy as you can for yourself so you can enjoy all those special firsts with your baby on their first Christmas. They don’t care how perfect the day is as long as they’re with the people who love them, showing them all the love and attention – you are more than enough to make their day perfect and I think that’s very important to remember.

Baby's first taste of Christmas dinner

If your baby is weaning, don’t fuss around making them something different, let them try a bit of everything you’re having (within reason...remember no honey for under 1s, so no honey glazed food for the baby). I bet they’ll love trying all the new tastes and textures – having a Christmas dinner will be a right old treat for them! Maybe as a Christmas treat they can have a bit of your pudding too, watch their little face light up, don’t worry about the sugar as a one off – it’s Christmas after all!

Don't stress over the mess

Tidying up? That’s what Boxing Day is for! Don’t stress about keeping the house perfect, soak up all the snuggles, the little smiles and the belly laughs, and don’t miss their little faces enjoying the day because you were busy cleaning the dishes.

Gift sensibly

If your baby is a newborn, don’t go overboard on gifts. A nice keepsake for you to mark the occasion or a cute little outfit for the day would be perfect. I’ve had two newborns at Christmas and they literally spent most of the day sleeping, they had no idea it was any different to any other day and couldn’t even hold anything yet, let alone play with new toys! This year my baby, Rio, will be four months old at Christmas so I’m buying him a few things he can use in the coming months now he’s more alert and starting to hold toys and is interested in them. Things like teethers, bath toys and teddies are a great place to start! If you want to go big you could look to buy them more expensive items such as a bouncer or a playmat – they’ll get loads of use out of these for a good few months until they start walking! If your baby is closer to being one then you’ll probably want them to have a few gifts to open on the big day! Remember, whatever you buy for them, no matter how expensive, they’ll probably still prefer the wrapping paper or cardboard box it came in, so don’t stress yourself too much.

Take all the photos you can!

If you’re anything like me and have a rubbish memory, in years to come you might have forgotten their first Christmas. I take pictures of EVERYTHING and it helps me to remember all the little details! Dress them up in cute Christmas outfits and capture every second, you’ll never regret taking too many pictures!

Shop their looks

To shop Hunter, Carter and Rio's outfits and for further inspiration for baby's first Christmas - plus clothing for the rest of the littlest members of the family! - visit our Christmas shop 

All images by @raisingyoungones

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