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Written in the Stars | Discover our Top Picks for the Taurus Child

Twelve signs make up the zodiac, and each comes with a list of attributes and personality traits unique to them. Sceptic or staunch believer, discovering your astrological sign and reading your horoscope is a lot of fun, and it can also be an entertaining thing to do with your kids. Read on as we delve into the second astrological sign of the zodiac, Taurus, and reveal what that might mean for your bundle of joy.


If your child's birthday falls between April 20th and May 20th, you are raising a grounded Taurus. We are going to run through the leading characteristics of a Taurus child, what that might mean for them, and better yet, if you're stuck on what to buy for a Taurus baby, child or teen, we have some recommendations for a gift so perfect it's as if it was written in the stars.

12 May 2022

Who is the Taurus Child?

Outdoorsy & Musical

Their love for nature means you will often find Taurus children playing outdoors, especially if the sun is shining. They are perfectly content with playing and exploring outside, but they equally have a passion for music and playing instruments - whether that be the real thing or a drum they've fashioned out of found objects!


Calm & Consistent

As fire signs, Taurus children can be stubborn, but they tend to lean towards being logical and collected. They often maintain a calm temperament, and their loyalty means they make fantastic friends. Taurus children are usually very responsible and considerate.


Cheerful & Affectionate

Taurus children are a joy to be around. They are intuitive and sensitive, and although they can be very independent, they have no trouble making friends. 


Gifts for a Taurus Baby


1. Inspire their growing love of nature and wildlife with Elodie's snuggly giraffe soft toy.   

2. Whatever the weather a footmuff for car seats and prams is a must for outdoor adventures. This one by Pasito a Pasito is made from cotton to keep baby cool in the warmer months of spring. 

3. As soon as Taurus babies are old enough, they will jump at the chance to explore the outdoors! Liewood's camera is the perfect oudoor toy for budding minibeast explorers. 

4. We're not sure there's a more iconic teether for baby than Sophie la Girafe. This season meet her playmate - the teething camel. Need we say more? 

5. Perfect for holidays or days out in the sunshine, Mitty James' protective suit is complete with a super-sweet lemon print!


Gifts for a Taurus Child


1.  it's impossible to ever have enough T-shirts, whatever the season. We're loving this Wild inspired tee by Stella McCartney Kids. 

2.  Grounded in nature, Taurus children will love anything inspired by the great outdoors. This Donsje purse is sure to be met with a smile! 

3. A sun dress is the ultimate piece for a summer wardrobe and this organic cotton one by Stella McCartney Kids has 'cheerful' written all over it. 

4. This Mini Rodini denim utility vest inspired by the wonders of nature has been crafted using planet-friendly materials and is a perfect gift for adventurous Taureans. Bonus - it's even got pockets for treasures found along the way!

5. Crafted in lightweight, organic cotton, Mini Rodini’s floral blouse will keep Taurus children looking and feeling cool on balmy days outside. 



Gifts for a Taurus Teen

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Gifts for a Taurus Teen

1. Sun-loving Taurus teens will be delighted to lounge poolside in this ombré swimsuit from Molo

2. The perfect size for all the essentials, this tasselled pom-pom bag from Monnalisa is a brilliant option for a spring day out.

3. Taurus teens will spend as much time outside as possible, so a pair of statement summer shorts are a must as they can be dressed up or down. These tiger shorts by Kenzo are our top pick 

4. Music lovers will appreciate this graphic Beatles sweatshirt by Stella McCartney Kids!

5. Comfortable shoes are a must-have for exploring the great outdoors, and these ethically-made trainers from Veja are just the thing to put a spring in their step! 

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