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#SafeAtHome | Practice Yoga at Home with @samanthajbeags

Samantha, @samanthajbeags - is a full time yoga instructor and mum of one. 

Samantha began training at The National Centre For Circus Arts in 2006. Her love of intense flexibility led to her by chance, attending a local yoga class, before shortly after a personal experience in her life saw her taking some time out for herself. Samantha travelled to Los Angles, USA to train as a yoga instructor and she's since made it her career. She is a level 3 Yoga and Pilates coach and also practices Dynamic Aerial Yoga. 

Samantha's style of yoga is based on Vinyasa flow, with some of her own personal touches added into the mix. Relaxation is a big part of her workouts as - in her own words - she says "I think the most important thing we can do for ourselves in this crazy world, is give our mind a break"

Following her live  Childrensalon instagram takeover on 24th June, we caught up with Samantha to get her top tips on staying active at home through practising yoga. 




25 Jun 2020

Samantha says ...

If you live a busy and stressful lifestyle the best thing you can do for yourself and your body and mind, is take some time out, and that is hard. Today, everyday stresses such as maintaining a successful career, juggling life being a mum, ensuring you're taking care of your family's needs whilst trying to find balance for yourself is all encompassing. Throughout my career I have experienced all of the above, engaging with other people constantly and travelling to and from work or events, which is exhausting in itself. Everyone in this busy age finds themselves desperate for a release and this is where yoga plays an important part in my life. 

This year in particlar has been challenging for everyone - from trying to work from home whilst looking after a family, to keeping yourself occupied and in a good mental state, whilst being forced to take a break from the normal routine of life. Below I've listed my top 5 yoga positions to help you to keep your mind and body healthy at home. 

- My Top 5 Yoga Moves -

Full wheel - This is a deep backbend and extension that opens the heart, increases energy, strengthens wrists, arms, buttocks and spine and stretches chest and lungs

Splits - Helps develop patience in practice, opens the hip flexors and deepens body awareness

Pigeon - Opens the hip joint and lengthens the hip flexors, and stretches the thighs and glutes

Shoulder bridge - Good for developing backbends, strengthening glutes and hamstrings, strengthening the pelvic floor, decreasing depression, insomnia and anxiety and can help with digestion if practiced daily 

Bound angle - a gentle hip opener that gives you a wide open feeling and increases blood flow to the pelvic floor

All images by @samanthajbeags

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