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Styling Moncler Enfant

In advance of the new season, we have launched an exciting collaboration with Moncler Enfant. The capsule collection includes seven Moncler boys’ pieces and five Moncler girls’ pieces, featuring a selection of T-Shirts, dresses and tracksuits in addition to knitted hats, down padded jackets and coats - what they are traditionally known for - all featuring their distinctive alpine logo. 

We spoke to cool brother and sister duo @kingandkaui Kingston and Kaui to find out what they like most about the collection and how mum Nikki styles it to their own individual looks. 

All images by @kingandkaui
9 Jul 2019


What are your favourite pieces from our exclusive Moncler Enfant capsule collection?

The Moncler girls tracksuit and the Moncler boys tracksuit are our favorite pieces in the collection. They’re super stylish and comfy at the same time and are perfect for our LA weather.
The name ‘Moncler’ is taken from Monestier-de-Clermont, an Alpine town in France, however the brand is Italian. Why do you think Italian style is synonymous with luxury?
In America, Italian goods have always been considered to be of luxury. A lot of it comes from fashion magazines, movies and now the internet’s influence on American fashion culture. The Italian’s have always been known to instill great craftsmanship while at the same time incorporating top notch materials.



What do you think makes them stand the test of time as a brand?

Their attention to detail, the quality of their products and knowing and understanding who their customer is.

King & Kaui’s style is very urban and ‘street’ which ties in perfectly with this collection. Do they enjoy sports?

Yes! Kingston & Kaui both have a love for basketball and soccer (or as you say in the UK, football). They enjoy staying active.


Moncler Enfant - Girls Pink Down Puffer Coat  | ChildrensalonMoncler Enfant
650,00 £
Moncler Enfant - Boys Black Down Padded Jacket | ChildrensalonMoncler Enfant
475,00 £


You have your own fashion brand - does King & Kaui’s style emulate yours?

Absolutely! They are the inspiration behind our brand. Reason being is a lot of times there is a void in the marketplace for unique kid’s clothes.

Are King & Kaui interested in fashion and do they like to choose their own clothing?

They are both definitely into fashion and are now old enough to express their likes and dislikes when picking out outfits. Just like adults, their outfits depend on their mood on any given day.

LA is known for its outdoor living, due to the climate and proximity to beaches etc. What outdoor activities do you like to do as a family?

We love riding bikes/scooters together, going to the beach, playing at the park and taking advantage of the many outdoor shopping venues in LA. 


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