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Written In The Stars | Discover Our Top Picks For The Gemini Child

If your child's birthday falls between May 21st and June 21st, you are raising a highly intelligent Gemini, and chances are you're currently looking for gift ideas for their upcoming birthday. 

Read on to learn more about the leading characteristics of your little Gemini, what that might mean for them, and better yet, if you're stuck on what to buy for a Gemini baby, child or teen, we have some recommendations for a gift so perfect it's as if it was written in the stars.

8 Jun 2022

Who is the Gemini Child?

Very sociable and a good communicator 

As with other Air signs, Gemini children love to talk. They naturally have fantastic communication skills, are often quick-witted, and their curiosity makes them interesting children to be around. These factors make them incredibly sociable and friendly, and they often attract warm friendships with ease. 


Highly intelligent with a love for hobbies 

Gemini children are intelligent, and their natural curiosity makes them fast learners with multiple interests. They can get bored quickly, but luckily, as they often hold many talents, they are able to entertain themselves. Music, reading, science, and languages are good hobbies to encourage for Gemini kids, and they should take to them with ease.


Energetic and seeks variety 

These high-energy firecrackers like to be outdoors, preferably in environments with lots to explore! Their love for variety carries through to their personality, so keep an eye on them as they can be unpredictable! This also means they can be very adaptable, their multifaceted character giving them the nickname 'the twins'. 

Gifts For A Gemini Baby

Mini Melissa - Bunte Baby-Sandalen mit Sonnen-Motiv | ChildrensalonMini Melissa
60,00 £
Bam Bam - Bären-Stapelspielzeug aus Holz (13 cm) | ChildrensalonBam Bam
23,00 £
Jellycat - Stoffbuch Jungly Tails (22 cm) | ChildrensalonJellycat
17,00 £
Mitty James - Blauer Frottee-Strampler | ChildrensalonMitty James
35,00 £


1. Super-soft muslins are a must-have product for any new mum. Not only are they needed during every feed but they also serve as a nursing cover and a comforting light summer blanket. Elodie's sweet mouse muslin is made with a luxurious blend of cotton and bamboo.


2. Curious Gemini babies will need comfortable sandals for their first explorative steps! This pair by Mini Melissa are not only waterproof which mkes them great for summer adventures at the pool and beach, they have a sweet bubblegum scent. 


3. Intelligent Gemini minds need stimulation, and puzzles are just the thing to hold their interest. Bam Bam's wooden bear stacker will keep them entertained and train their fine motor skills!


4. Baby books, like this one from Jellycat, are excellent for developing curious minds in intelligent Gemini children.


5. There's no better place for little explorers than the beach and this towelling baby romper by Mitty James is a real game changer. Not just a handy all-in-one, it can be slipped on in place of wet bathing suits after long days spent beachcombing and splashing in rock pools.

Gifts For A Gemini Child

Mini Rodini - Brauner Fischerhut mit Kilimandscharo-Print | ChildrensalonMini Rodini
32,00 £
Jellycat - Rosa Hummer-Spielzeug (20 cm) | ChildrensalonJellycat
18,00 £


1. To infinity and beyond! This NASA T-shirt from Fabric Flavours is the perfect gift for budding Gemini physicists.

2. Every intrepid explorer needs a hat - especially little sunseekers. This bucket hat from Mini Rodini will set them in stead for adventurers in the garden to dreams of climbing Kilimanjaro.

3. For children with multiple ongoing projects, they will need a bag to carry supplies. Our top pick is this backpack by MARC JACOBS with a cool leopard print. 

4. You're my lobster! Sociable Gemini's are never too old for a new friend - especially one who loves the beach. This cute lobster toy from Jelly Cat is the perfect summer companion. 

5. JoyDay makes the perfect clothing for little fun-seeking Gemini's. These red cotton joggers are great for days out and about in the city or for exploring the wonders of the countryside and beyond. 




1. Every child needs a solid pair of jeans, especially the outdoorsy types. Levi's offers a sturdy but comfortable pair that will survive even the greatest adventures!

2. This Zadig & Voltaire Kids T-shirt says "Keep the dream alive" - advice that  upbeat Gemini teens will follow to a T.

3. Outgoing Gemini teens don't feel pressured to stand out from the crowd. This Calvin Klein logo bikini is sophistically understated with cool, retro 90s feels. 

4. For the Gemini will all the hobbies, a versatile pair of Veja trainers will take them from netball to art club!


5. G for Gucci or G for Gemini? It doesn't matter; this tote is the most stylish way to carry essentails from the pool to beach all summer long. 

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