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Written in the Stars | Discover our Top Picks for the Aries Child

Twelve signs make up the zodiac, and each comes with a list of attributes and personality traits unique to them. Sceptic or staunch believer, discovering your astrological sign and reading your horoscope is a lot of fun, and it can also be an entertaining thing to do with your kids. Read on as we delve into the first astrological sign of the zodiac, Aries, and reveal what that might mean for your bundle of joy.

If your child's birthday falls between March 21st and April 19th, you are raising an independent Aries, and you're probably currently looking for gift ideas for kids! We are going to run through the leading characteristics of an Aries child, what that might mean for them, and better yet, if you're stuck on what to buy for an Aries child, we have some recommendations for a gift so perfect it's as if it was written in the stars.

29 Mar 2022

What are the Aries personality traits?

Aries is a fire sign, along with Leo and Sagittarius. Fire signs are everything you would expect them to be: fearless, spontaneous, and bold. Alongside these daring traits, they are also creative and intuitive, often coming up with big ideas and taking on passion projects. Aries' symbol is a ram, signifying courage and boldness.

Aries Child Personality Traits

Independent & Creative
Aries' are confident and creative, making them natural leaders. They are big thinkers with positive attitudes, and they're certainly not afraid to make a statement. This inclination for the dramatic means bold colours and big prints will delight the daring little tastemakers. 

Honest & Generous
Aries children have no trouble making friends. They may be strong-willed, but they are capable of being incredibly sensitive. As well as being honest and generous, they are also loyal and trustworthy, making them very supportive friends. 

Impulsive & Energetic
In true fire-sign form, Aries kids are energetic and impulsive, never missing the chance to participate in games and activities. They are also often playful, taking every opportunity to enjoy an adventure or play make-believe.

Gifts Ideas for Kids - Aries Children

We are now in Aries season, meaning you may be looking for a gift for these playful, creative, and energetic children. Read on to discover our suggestions for the perfect gift for the Aries baby, child, and teen in your life.


Gifts for an Aries Baby

Lapin House - Spieler in Blau und Weiß (J) | ChildrensalonLapin House

72,00 £

36,00 £

Jellycat - Weicher Ball (10 cm) für Babys | ChildrensalonJellycat
14,00 £
Moulin Roty - Aktivitätsspielzeug Panther (80 cm) | ChildrensalonMoulin Roty
65,00 £

Gifts for an Aries Baby

1. This cute reversible playmat from Etta Loves is padded for energetic Aries baby games and illustrated with our favourite Peanuts characters, designed to stimulate babies and support their vision and cognitive development.

2. Aries children are destined to love independent sports, so although they might be too young to take to the courts just yet, this little shortie from Lapin House is a dream gift for the future tennis star!

3. Nurture their energetic and playful side with Jellycat's soft baby ball, which makes a 'boing' noise when dropped or kicked!

4. It might not quite be a bold and courageous ram, but this squishy, cuddly sheep toy from Jellycat will appeal to the Aries baby.

5. Inquisitive and playful Aries babies will love exploring this cat activity toy from Moulin Roty. This sensory toy will allow them to discover shapes, colours, and sounds, with scrunchy ears and teething toy included!


Gifts for an Aries Child

Stella McCartney Kids - Teen Cowboystiefel in Rosa und Blau | ChildrensalonStella McCartney Kids

163,00 £

114,00 £

KENZO KIDS - Elfenbeinfarbene Baumwoll-Jogginghose (J) | ChildrensalonKENZO KIDS

94,00 £

56,00 £


Gifts for an Aries Child

1. Aries children are energetic and independent, so you can bet that they'll be off on daily adventures come the warmer months. They're also certainly not afraid to rock a brightly coloured accessory! Keep them safe from the sun in style with Mini Rodini's yellow organic cotton sun hat.

2. These playful and energetic kids will need trainers to run around in. These EA7 Emporio Armani trainers are ideal for an impromptu football match to burn off that fire-sign energy!

3. Aries children are the future style-icons and tastemakers. Allow them to march to the beat of their own drum in style with these colourful cowboy boots from Stella McCartney Kids!

4. Comfortable clothes are also a must-have for all kids, but especially active Aries who love taking part in an array of games and activities. A pair of soft 100% cotton Kenzo joggers will see them through a day of adventures.

5. A bright cross-body bag like this one by Stella McCartney Kids is perfect for carrying a camera, sunglasses, and all the necessities for an adventure!

Gifts for an Aries Teen

Burberry - Teen Badeshorts mit Mikrokaros | ChildrensalonBurberry

140,00 £

84,00 £


Gifts for an Aries Teen

1. If the Aries child had a style motto, it would be, "go big or go home!" And this bright red Stella McCartney Kids bomber jacket, complete with pink star details and white fringing, will undoubtedly have them standing out from the crowd.

2. Creative Aries teens will need a bag to carry around their art tools, but not any old bag will do - it needs to make a statement! This backpack by THE MARC JACOBS is bold and eye-catching - perfect for a daring Aries teen.

3. Aries teens will cherish trainers that both make a style statement AND stand up to spontaneous sport! The inside of these Moschino trainers is padded, making them comfortable and cool in equal measure.

4. Aries teens are energetic and playful, taking quickly to most sports. As we move into the warmer months, swim shorts, like this pair from Burberry, make the perfect gift for these active teens! 

5. A spot of rain won't stop an impulsive Aries teen! A water-resistant layer like this windbreaker from KARL LAGERFELD KIDS will allow them to continue exploring even on rainy days.


If you didn't find what you're looking for above, there are plenty more designer gifts for kids to discover at Childrensalon. Browse our newest arrivals here.

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