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Written in the Stars | Discover our Top Picks for the Aquarius Child

A total of twelve signs make up the zodiac, and each of these signs come with a list of attributes and personality traits unique to them. Sceptic or staunch believer, discovering your astrological sign and reading your horoscope is a lot of fun, and it can also be an entertaining thing to do with your kids. Read on as we delve into the eleventh astrological sign of the zodiac, Aquarius, and reveal what that might mean for your bundle of joy.

If your child's birthday falls between January 21st and February 8th, you are raising an adventurous Aquarius, and you're probably currently looking for gift ideas for kids! We are going to run through the leading characteristics of an Aquarius child, what that might mean for them, and better yet, if you're stuck on what to buy for an Aquarius child, we have some recommendations for a gift so perfect it's as if it was written in the stars.

10 Jan 2022

What are the Aquarius personality traits?

Despite its symbol of the water-bearer, Aquarius is, in fact, an air sign, along with the Gemini and Libra zodiac signs. Air signs have a reputation for being great communicators, meaning if your child belongs to one, they are probably very social and make friends easily. 

Aquarius Child Personality Traits

Independent & Friendly

Children belonging to the Aquarius star sign are fiercely independent and free-thinking but, although they may appreciate their alone time, that doesn't mean they operate as lone wolves. Aquarius children enjoy making friends, and their communication skills mean they are often good listeners, with a knack for warm and understanding language. 


Intelligent & Creative

Not only are Aquarius children incredibly creative, but they are fast learners too. Their natural intelligence and ability to problem-solve means they excel in certain subjects at school, particularly those where they can express themselves and put their artistic spin on things. 


Adventurous & Fun-Loving

Considering the above, it will come as no surprise that Aquarius children love to explore and throw themselves into new experiences. This, combined with their friendly nature, means they also thrive in team sports, not often turning down the invitation to play in a group.

Gifts Ideas for Kids - Aquarius Children

So, now that you understand the Aquarius child and their traits, you might be wondering what you can gift these forward-thinking, creative, and adventurous children. We have done the hard work for you and put together our top picks for the Aquarius baby, child, and teen in your life.

Gifts for an Aquarius Baby

Bam Bam - Weißer Mini-Fußball (12 cm) | ChildrensalonBam Bam
14,00 £
Liewood - Beige Spielmatte mit Tieren (110 cm) | ChildrensalonLiewood
101,00 £
Jellycat - Blaues Bauernhof-buch (11 cm) | ChildrensalonJellycat
15,00 £
Elodie - Graues Elefanten-Kuscheltier (32 cm) | ChildrensalonElodie

28,00 £

17,00 £


Gifts for an Aquarius Baby

1. Encourage their social side with this toy tea set from Liewood, ideal for a teddy bear tea party.

2. Suitable for baby boys and baby girls, this mini football from Bam Bam will satisfy their fun-loving nature from a young age! 

3. Inspire their imaginations with their beautiful play-mat from Danish brand Liewood, complete with lovely appliqué animals. 

4. Fast-learning Aquarius babies will love this cloth book from Jellycat, which is both fun and educational.

5. A soft toy is just the thing to inspire imaginary adventures to distant lands, and Elodie's elephant makes the cutest companion.

Gifts for an Aquarius Child

Moulin Roty - Spielzeug-Arztkoffer (20 cm) | ChildrensalonMoulin Roty
35,00 £
Diesel - Schwarzes Federmäppchen (20 cm) | ChildrensalonDiesel

54,00 £

38,00 £

Liewood - Blaue, kurze Panda-Gummistiefel  | ChildrensalonLiewood

58,00 £

41,00 £


Gifts for an Aquarius Child

1. The Aquarius child loves to play games with their friends, so they'll need a pair of trainers to run around in, and these bright orange Stella McCartney Kids will help them stand out whilst doing so!

2. Moulin Roty's doctor's bag toy is just the thing for make-believe games. Not only will it encourage their imagination, but it may even inspire a future career!

3. This Diesel pencil case is perfect for storing the tools needed to create works of art.

4. A spot of rain won't put a stop to the adventures of the Aquarius child, so make sure they have a good pair of wellies for rainy-day explorations. This cute pair from Liewood are lined with teddy fleece to keep toes warm on colder days.

5. This pastel striped puffer jacket from Mini Rodini will keep cosy whilst exploring the great outdoors.

Gifts for an Aquarius Teen

Moschino Kid-Teen - Teen Sneaker in Schwarz und Weiß | ChildrensalonMoschino Kid-Teen

210,00 £

168,00 £


Gifts for an Aquarius Teen

1. A little rain never hurt anyone, and it certainly won't stop an Aquarius teen from doing what they want to do! This hooded raincoat from Chloé will keep them dry whatever the day ahead holds.

2. Aquarius children love to play team sports, and Aquarius teens are no different. This mini-me tracksuit from Moncler Enfant will have them looking the part.

3. Nothing is too adventurous for these teens, so they need accessories for every sport. Whatever their chosen winter sport, Molo's ski goggles will see them through a holiday on the slopes. 

4. These Moschino trainers will take them all the way from outdoor adventure to football practice.

5. Intellectual Aquarians need something to hold their many books, so a stylish backpack like this one from Zadig & Voltaire Kids will be a welcome gift.


If you didn't find what you're looking for above, there are plenty more designer gifts for kids to discover at Childrensalon. Browse our newest arrivals here. 

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