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#SafeAtHome | Paper Art with @chloefleury: Make a Camper Van

Coming up with new, fun and creative activities can be challenging, so we have enlisted the help of Chloé Fleury to share her expert advice! Chloé is a set designer and paper artist living in LA, so she is well placed to guide us through creating something out of card, coloured tape and food packaging.

She shows us how she created a replica VW camper-van with the help of her two girls, Lula and Anouk, for them to play in. We also asked Chloé her tips for making things and playing at home, encouraging little minds to think creatively and look for inspiration.

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31 Mar 2020

To make the camper-van you will need:

- A large piece of cardboard

- Paint

- Sticky tape

- Stromg paper glue

- A pair of scissors

- Food packaging like soft cheese or yogurt boxes to make the lights, but you can also just draw them on the cardboard if it's easier


Cut the front shape of a camper-van out of the piece of cardboard and paint in the colours you’ve chosen.

While the paint is drying, make the lights by covering round boxes with coloured tape (I find the coloured tape super fun to use with the girls and less messy than paint), and glue or tape these in place.

Decorate with the logo - instead we made the peace sign in a cardboard cut out. You can use rainbows, hearts, you can also draw flowers on it or anything that comes to mind! And go on an adventure!


In these past three weeks we've also made a cardboard boat, cardboard doll houses and a theatre with puppets! We also taped tissue paper on our living room window to make a rainbow and spread hope! We share most of our projects on my Instagram. Just keep all the cardboard you get as well as food packaging, toilet paper rolls... it will inspire you to make things with your little ones!

For us inspiration and motivation to create comes from reading books with my daughters, for example one of their favourite book is Ocean Meets Sky and since reading it the girls have been asking me to make a boat so we finally found the time to make one out of cardboard! Also remembering weekends, like the times we rented a VW van to go on an adventure in the desert or to the beach, the girls miss this a lot and since it's obviously impossible to do it at this time, we decided to make one and pretend we are going on trips! The more we make the more we want to make, and the more we recycle food packaging the more ideas we get for making things.

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