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Say Konnichiwa To KENZO KOTORA

Hot on the heels of his appointment at Maison KENZO, this season we're celebrating artistic director, Nigo's inaugural childrenswear collection. With much buzz around the designer's debut offering, this limited-edition line sees a return to the bright colours and vibrant prints the brand is known and loved for. 

As the first Japanese designer to take the helm since its founder's departure in 1999, Nigo also shares the passion and creative drive that Kenzō Takada embodied.
“Kenzo Kenzō-san’s approach to creating originality was through his understanding of many different cultures,” says Nigo. “It is also the essence of my own philosophy of creativity.”

Making his mark with not one but two KENZO KIDS collections, we take a look at the limited-edition KOTORA capsule...



5 Oct 2022

Little Tigers Everywhere

Kotora, simply means 'little tiger" in Japanese and is both the name of Nigo’s first limited edition kids' collection and his new cartoon-style interpretation of the famous Kenzo logo. 

The cute but cool tiger motif brings a fresh, graphic feel and pops up throughout the entire capsule, adding a dash of playful fun to children's wardrobes with a side of Nigo's trademark laid-back streetwear influence. Expect plenty of "little tiger" humour and energy. 

Kids and parents alike will love the fun details too: zebra-pattern panels and swirling tiger tails appear on t-shirts and sweatshirts, while accessories such as zebra-print socks and the classic bucket hat, complete these "kool" looks. 

"‘Kenzo san’s approach to creating originality was through his understanding of many different cultures." - Nigo

Inside The Capsule | KENZO KOTORA

KENZO KIDS - Roter KOTORA Fischerhut (J) | ChildrensalonKENZO KIDS
56,00 £
KENZO KIDS - Graues KOTORA Kapuzenkleid (M) | ChildrensalonKENZO KIDS
156,00 £
KENZO KIDS - Rote KOTORA Bomberjacke | ChildrensalonKENZO KIDS
232,00 £
KENZO KIDS - Grüne Teen KOTORA Hemdjacke | ChildrensalonKENZO KIDS
131,00 £
KENZO KIDS - Khakigrüne KOTORA Bomberjacke | ChildrensalonKENZO KIDS
232,00 £
KENZO KIDS - KOTORA Zebra-Rock für Mädchen | ChildrensalonKENZO KIDS
91,00 £
KENZO KIDS - Beige KOTORA Cargohose (J) | ChildrensalonKENZO KIDS
106,00 £
KENZO KIDS - KOTORA Socken in Schwarz und Rot | ChildrensalonKENZO KIDS
26,00 £

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