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During these uncertain times, many of us are trying homeschooling for the first time to educate our children and keep them occupied. When faced with additional limitations, even seasoned homeschoolers will be having to adjust to a new schedule, but this task can be especially challenging for those who have never homeschooled before. 

We touched on this topic briefly when giving our five tips for Working from Home with Kids, but to elaborate we spoke to Coral Pearl - who chooses to homeschool daughters Ava and Sufi year round - and asked her to give her top homeschooling tips for those who are experiencing it for the first time. 


All images by @coral_pearl_

15 Apr 2020

You already homeschool your girls, what are you top five tips to those who aren’t used to homeschooling?

"My first and most important tip for homeschooling parents would be to WAKE UP EARLY and have some form of morning routine before the madness of the day begins. I can’t even explain the difference in how much better you feel for the whole day! I always feel so much more prepared, mentally calm and ready to take on whatever the day brings - rather than just jumping out of bed and having to feel rushed and answer to your littles from the moment you open your eyes.


My second tip would be to try and plan some activities the evening or day before so that when your kids ask “what shall we do now” (which they will) you will have some things up your sleeve. There are so many great resources online if you’re stuck for ideas! And now since the whole of the UK is homeschooling there are so many great live streamed classes that the kids can be involved in too!


If you can, make sure the kids get outdoors every day - whatever the weather… They say there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing! Get their wellies and waterproofs on if you need to and get out the house (even if it’s just splashing in puddles outside your own home) you would be surprised at how getting a bit of fresh air can shift everyone’s energy!


Create projects that they can monitor every day - such as planting some seeds, or bird watching - something they can write or draw about, where they can record changes and see that every day is different from the other. They get so excited by watching things grow, especially if they have planted and are looking after things by themselves!


Finally... let them help you (even if it’s not to your standards!) This teaches them life skills that they will actually use; Whether it’s unloading the dishwasher, hanging up washing, sweeping the floor or even just put some water in a spray bottle and let them “clean” something - they LOVE it, and you never know, they might actually be better than you think and could be more help around the house than you anticipated!

What have you changed about your routine to adapt to staying at home?

Our routine has changed dramatically! We are normally out without fail every day - whether it be at classes, different clubs or meeting up with pals, so the girls have found it all pretty strange to be honest!

What are Ava and Sufi’s favourite activities to do at home?

Ava’s favourite activity by far at home is playing the piano! Luckily there are some great apps that she can learn new songs from now she can’t see her teacher.

Sufi’s favourite activity is painting - she’s at that age where she would just happily draw or paint away all day! Which is great (apart from the mess!!)"



Read more about how Coral homeschools little Ava and Sufi during school term time here 

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