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Visiting Disneyland® Paris | @coral_pearl_

With our summer plans being disrupted due to the pandemic, many are looking to make alternative arrangements for their trips this year. This could entail staying in local campsites and holiday homes if international travel is off the cards, or for some, it might mean driving to another country rather than flying. The latter is exactly what Coral of @coral_pearl_ chose to do!

For those who live in Europe, Disneyland® Paris is a potential destination that can be reached by car. The Disney franchise is a firm favourite across the globe, and with so many attractions both at the park and in nearby Paris, it’s easy to see why it might be a popular choice for families this summer. We spoke to Coral about her trip...

27 Aug 2020

Why Disneyland Paris?

We chose to go to Disneyland® Paris as it was Sufi’s 4th birthday, and she and Ava are at the perfect age to go. We booked the trip quite last minute because we had been in lockdown and didn’t want to take the girls through an airport and on a plane, but when we found out just how quick it would be to drive we booked it straight away!

What were your top 5 favourite attractions at Disneyland® Paris, and why?

Our top 5 attractions at Disneyland had to be:

- Seeing Elsa, Anna and Olaf (of course!)
- We all loved going on the It’s A Small World water-ride. It was just so colourful and really well done, and it honestly felt like we had seen the world in a few minutes!
- The girls loved the Peter Pan ride where you felt like you were flying.
- I was so impressed at how brave Ava was going on the Tower of Terror... I think I was more afraid than she was!
- The Ratatouille ride was really fun for the whole family, it’s so immersive.

How did you travel safely to Disneyland® Paris, and how did you stay safe once you were there? What measures had been put in place to maintain social distancing?

We decided to drive to Disneyland® Paris as we thought it would be the safest way for us to travel. It ended up being so much easier and way less hassle than if we’d have gone through an airport and got on a plane. It was only 6 hours door-to-door - it’s crazy to think that’s the same length of time it would take us to get up north!

When we got to Disneyland® Paris, they were very thorough with their safety measures and social distancing. You had to wear a mask at all times, there were hand sanitiser stations before boarding every ride, and they had stickers on the floor to remind you to keep your distance. You couldn’t get too close to the characters, which I was initially concerned about, but they were all really engaging and the girls still loved meeting them.

Have you any advice for families, especially those with young children, who may be driving long distances to go on holiday, instead of flying?

If you are considering driving instead of flying to your holiday destination I would advise you to try and not rush the journey, especially with young kids. See the journey as part of the adventure and plan stop-offs at different points that you can map out along the way. This makes the drive part of the fun, and it becomes much less stressful and way more fun for the whole family!

All images by @coral_pearl_

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