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Childrensalon Family Diaries | Zama Lagundoye

Life in lockdown has changed the daily routine for most of us, including the majority of the team at Childrensalon. Our staff of nearly 500 is made up of talented, ambitious, and hardworking people from all over the globe, many of whom have children themselves. We wanted to go behind-the-scenes and give you a view of family life from some of our very own team-members at Childrensalon.

From homeschooling to ways to stay entertained, each family does it their own way. We are inviting you for a glimpse inside the family homes of our team to see how they are spending this time together.

1 Sep 2020

- Meet the Lagundoye Family -

Zama is a Senior Stylist at Childrensalon, having joined the team five years ago. She is responsible for making sure all the clothing looks as beautiful on the website as it does in person! She is back in the office now, working with the evening styling team, but she spent the first six weeks of the lockdown working from home.

Born in South Africa, Zama now lives in Crowborough, UK, with her husband. They have a seven-year-old son, David, who loves board games and playing with his Lego toys!

Lockdown has meant we’ve all had to alter our routines. How do you usually structure your day as a family and how does it differ to before?

We usually have the school run and two work commutes, so the lockdown has allowed us to have less regimented timetables and we’ve actually been able to relax a little more! Also, my husband has been able to be more hands-on with David, taking on the homeschooling and general entertainment. I’m back in the office now, but in the evenings David would help to cook dinner and we would read together, which was nice.

What has been the most positive thing about staying at home for you as a family?

School and work meant we were often passing ships in the night, however, more time together has allowed us to learn more about one another. My grandmother who is visiting from South Africa has been living with us so, along with David getting to know his ‘gogo’ better, she has been taking this time to teach him about his South African heritage and Zulu greetings meaning he is better equipped when we are finally allowed to travel again.

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Are there any family traditions that you’ve had to adapt to stay safe at home?

Both David and I celebrated our birthdays in lockdown so our tradition of parties with family and friends coming and going were halted. For David, we decided to decorate the house and have a “selective” birthday party with the members of our household. Although he missed his school friends, he appreciated the effort and still has a fond memory to look back on.

What activities have you been doing to learn and play, whilst staying safe at home? Tell us what David likes about each activity?

David enjoys board games so we have increased our collection, adding classic games like Snakes and Ladders which he loves as he always appears to win. And Monopoly, which we’ve used to help teach him further maths - his favourite subject! Alongside playing games, we have maintained nighttime reading and included him in day-to-day jobs like cooking to develop his life skills.

What to wear

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