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Childrensalon Family Diaries | Janet Oluwi

This year has seen a change in routine and everyday life for a lot of families. From periods of homeschooling to the introduction of flexible working and working from home for parents, many families have been given the chance to spend more quality time together. 
Our staff of nearly 500 is made up of talented, ambitious, and hardworking people from all over the globe, many of whom have children themselves. We wanted to go behind-the-scenes and give you a view of family life from some of our very own team-members at Childrensalon.

This month we take a glimpse inside the home of Janet, her husband Joel and their children Jason and Joyce, to see how they like to spend time together as a family.

21 Oct 2020

- Meet the Oluwi Family -

Janet joined our team in January of this year and is one of our friendly Customer Service Night Assistants. She was born in Nigeria but has called the UK her home since 2004.

Janet, her husband Joel, and their two children, Jason and Joyce, moved to Tunbridge Wells from Leeds at the end of last year. Jason, who is seven, and Joyce, who is six, enjoy reading to one another. They are also budding artists and word search fanatics!

Jason and Joyce both have a keen interest in music, is this something that yourself and your husband Joel have inspired? Is your house quite a musical household?

My husband and I have a passion for singing which I believe we have inspired in our children. We sing in the car, when cleaning the house, or when cooking! Both Joel and I were in the choir when we were very young - I still am! When the children were babies, we always used to sing to them, which made them happier and calmer. Singing is just a relaxing hobby for us.

With the weather cooling, there is less opportunity for outdoor activities. Other than music, what are some of Jason and Joyce’s favourite indoor games and activities?

Jason and Joyce have their minds occupied with lots of activities at home.  From jumping on the bed to pillow fights, playing hide and seek, cleaning or sweeping, there is never a dull moment. They also love playing make-believe games with myself and Joel, which helps to develop their social skills. They love playing games too - their favourite game is Roblox.

Have Jason and Joyce enjoyed being back at school? What are their favourite subjects, and why?

Jason and Joyce are pleased to be back in school! They have moved to a new class, and they are happy to see their friends again.

Jason's favourite subject is Maths. He enjoys playing hit the button and TT rock star games which help with his times tables and number bonds. Joyce loves reading, and is very good at retelling the story to you - she will even act it out!

Have you any family traditions that you either have or will have to adapt to stay safe at home, within the guidelines?

Celebrating our birthday during the lockdown has not stopped us from having fun. As a family, we always loved to have friends over for our birthdays to celebrate life. As we couldn't during this period, we organised a virtual party on Zoom, bought lots of goodies, and decorated the flat with balloons. There was loads of singing and dancing too - it was a lot of fun!

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