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baby wearing a baby summer hat


15 Summer Essentials for Baby

We are slowly making our way towards summer. Many of us will be forgoing our pre-booked and longed for summer holidays for a staycation with the children but it is just as important to be prepared for the arrival of the hot season. Whether you are taking a trip to the beach, going for a picnic in the park or pumping up the paddling pool, our list of summer essentials for babies will ensure you have everything you need for a hot summer's day with the family.


With rising temperatures and sometimes scorching weather, it is important to keep your baby cool and to prevent overheating. Sensitive and delicate baby skin also needs extra protection from harmful UV rays and there are many products that can provide you with peace of mind during your summer outings with baby.

19 May 2021

Summer essentials for babies

Within our summer essentials guide for babies, you will discover the most suitable clothing options, must-haves for your family outings and summer nightwear essentials. Helping to keep your baby safe from the sun, cool and comfortable during the day and night, as well as making your preparations for days out, as easy for you as possible.


A baby sun hat is a must when packing your travel bag. Although it is advised to keep your baby in the shade to prevent overheating, it is so important to protect their delicate baby skin when they are in direct sunlight. Sun exposure is dangerous, especially for baby skin and a sun hat will provide protection for their face, neck and ears.

Sun Hats

Tip: Pick a hat made from natural fibres, like cotton or linen which are lighter, cooler and more sustainable too!

Pureté Du... Bébé - Gelber Sonnenhut mit Blumen-Print | ChildrensalonPureté Du... Bébé

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Read more about sustainable cotton in our Clothing Materials Explained feature. 


Whilst using sunscreen is important for your baby's safety in the sun, there are many choices within our UV baby swimwear collection that will add an extra layer of protection to keep your mind at ease. UV swimwear will provide you with extra reassurance that you cannot get with sunscreen alone. These costumes will allow for maximum sun protection when you are in and out of the water with your little one.

Baby wearing UV baby swimwear swimsuit.


By covering the baby's head, a hooded baby towel will not only provide protection from the sun’s rays, but hold in heat which would usually escape. After you have been in the sea or the pool, you can cover your baby immediately, allowing for extra warmth and comfort. Hooded towels are a great alternative to your usual beach towel, they are stylish and can also be worn as a comfortable throw-over when it is dry. We have many sustainable choices, including organic cotton and GOTS certified pieces.

Peter Rabbit™ by Childrensalon - Gelbes Babyhandtuch mit Kapuze (75 cm) | ChildrensalonPeter Rabbit™ by Childrensalon

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Baby swim nappies are an absolute must. The disposable nappies are good but you can also buy reusable ones too, which are better for the environment! High quality swim nappies will ensure comfort as they won’t become completely waterlogged on the outside but inside they are highly absorbent. They also come in stylish patterns and colours to compliment their summer swimwear collection.



A float suit is a fun and safe way to introduce your baby to water. You can enjoy a dip in the water together with peace of mind that they have an extra safety feature. The recommended age for use is from 6 - 36 months. 


Baby sunglasses are not only adorable but also provide protection to their delicate eyes in direct sunlight. Sunglasses will shield their eyes from UV rays, which can help protect them from developing problems later in life. Explore our selection of baby sunglasses from Banz. The sunglasses are adjustable and have elasticated straps to fit around their head comfortably, they are also available in multiple colours and patterns to suit baby boys and girls!


Bodyvests are the perfect alternative to babygrows when the weather becomes warmer. They can be paired with bloomer shorts or lightweight cotton shorts to ensure the baby is kept cool during the day or be worn alone with a nappy. 

Tip: Short sleeve bodyvests are also a great nightwear option for babies. A thin layer of clothing can actually help normalise body temperature, better than sleeping only in a nappy.


A pair of comfy sandals are a great option for the summer months, they will keep baby's feet cool and prevent them from overheating.


Choose from open toe, closed toe and versatile jelly shoes for the beach.

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All-in-one baby outfits are a summer wardrobe must-have for babies and are an easy outfit solution for your summer outings. Choose from lightweight materials - cotton is one of the best fabrics for hot weather, it is breathable and will keep baby cool. Organic cotton is even better.


A lightweight playsuit or shortie is a perfect choice. Not only will they ensure day-long comfort, they also allow for easy dressing.

Bonpoint - Blauer Baumwoll-Kurzstrampler für Jungen | ChildrensalonBonpoint

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A good quality insulated cool bag will allow for your baby's milk or food to be kept at the desired temperature when you are enjoying your family day out. In addition to using a cool bag, thermal baby food containers are a great option for keeping food at a consistent hot or cold temperature.


A waterproof baby changing bag is a must for those summer day trips where there is water involved. Save your nappies and baby changing essentials from getting wet and keep them safe in a waterproof, durable bag.


If you are a lover of family trips to the beach or simply like to soak up the sun in your garden, a sturdy beach tent is a great addition to your summer essentials. Whether it is for daytime naps, feeding time or seeking some shade, it will be a much-loved investment. They are particularly great for when it is really hot and you cannot seek shade, the tent will allow them to keep cool. Some day tents are also protected with SPF 50, which will provide added protection.

Baby wrapped in a hooded baby towel.
Toddler sitting under a baby day tent.


Sunscreen is generally considered safe for use on babies aged 6 months+. We do however recommend you seek expert advice to determine what is most suitable for your child*
Lotions and creams are deemed the best option as aerosol and lightweight spray sunscreens are too harsh on delicate baby skin. It is also advisable to apply SPF 50+ to all exposed areas of the skin (the same applies for all members of the family) and to do a patch test 48 hours before, to ensure there is no potential irritation.

*The Skin Cancer Foundation has recommendations on keeping your baby's skin safe in the sun. 


Bamboo sheets and sleepwear provide for the coolest sleeping experience for babies. Alternatively, 100% cotton is a great option. When purchasing your summer nightwear for baby, have these materials in mind.

A baby wrapped in a lightweight baby blanket.


Many parents decide not to use a blanket in the summer to keep their baby cool. But babies actually need covers all year round. Parents may be worried about overheating but if they roll over onto their tummies because they are too cold, this is more of a risk.

But of course, you are going to want to swap your thick woolly winter blanket for a suitable summer alternative. Opt for bamboo or 100% cotton materials, as mentioned above. You could also use a lightweight baby sleepbag.

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