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Baby boy wearing a baby boy pramsuit in autumn/winter.


A Guide to Pramsuits | Keeping Your Baby Warm This Autumn / Winter

Pramsuits. What are they? Are they an essential item for your baby?

Baby pramsuits are an all-in-one outfit. Not only are they adorable, but they also help protect babies from the cold when you are outdoors.

They are great for parents who want to spend time outside with their little ones, even during the colder autumn and winter months. They are comfortable and cosy, keeping babies content whilst asleep or enjoying new adventures.

You may worry about your baby becoming too cold during your autumn/winter outings, but pramsuits are a great choice for protection and keeping them warm.

We have uncovered some of the most common questions that parents ask about pramsuits and answered them for you below.

15 Sep 2021

Baby Pramsuit - FAQs

Does my baby need a pramsuit?

You may be wondering whether your baby needs a pramsuit. ‘Isn’t a blanket and a hat acceptable, instead of a pramsuit?’

Pramsuits are a great alternative to clothing and blankets; they cover the legs, arms and allow for movement, keeping your baby warmer in colder weather, but also comfortable whilst outdoors in the pram.

They also tend to be preferred for particularly wriggly babies, where blankets never seem to stay put.

Also remember that, as you walk, your body temperature will increase, but babies will not be moving enough to regulate their body temperature. That's why pramsuits are an excellent option for keeping them warm.

When is a pramsuit needed?

Pramsuits are a great clothing option for your baby during the colder months of the year. During the changeable autumn weather, you can purchase a lightweight pramsuit and layer with blankets. During the winter, opt for a thicker material suitable for colder outdoor temperatures. Remember to remove the pramsuit or unzip it as soon as you enter a warm room temperature, even if it means waking the baby – you don’t want to risk overheating.


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Does my baby need a blanket with their pramsuit?

You can add additional layers if needed. Depending on the thickness of the material, they can be worn alone with footmuffs in the pram. It also depends on the temperature and the season; you will need a thicker material pramsuit or additional layers during winter months, mainly if you are out in the snow or an icy climate.

During the autumn, a lightweight pramsuit and a hat may well be enough. Bring a blanket with you, though, in case of lower temperatures.

Can my baby wear a pramsuit in their car seat?

It is recommended that babies should wear thin layers when in the car seat. Thick or puffy pramsuits and snowsuits will stop the harness from fitting correctly. After removing the pramsuit and placing the baby in the car seat, wrap them in a blanket to prioritise warmth. Blankets should not come higher than armpit level; tuck the blanket around the baby once they are strapped in, with the harness straps tight to the body.

Top tip: If you are worried about pramsuits being hard to take off, pramsuits with two zips are easier to remove. You can find these here.

What shall I dress my baby in under the pramsuit?

What you decide to dress your little one in underneath depends on how cold it is outside. Choose from a vest with a babygrow or everyday clothing, with the pramsuit over the top. If it is freezing, opt for more layers. Top tip: babies need one more layer of clothing than an adult.

If you are heading to the shopping centre (or somewhere indoors) and decide to take their pramsuit off, they will be fully dressed underneath and not become too cold. Additionally, you can also choose to unzip the pram suit partly. 

Top Tip: If you are unsure whether to remove or add layers, feel their body to indicate if they are too hot or cold.

What is the difference between a pramsuit and a snowsuit?

Pramsuits are usually crafted in a fleece material and are used whilst out and about. Snowsuits are similar to pramsuits but are made with thicker, waterproof fabric and used in notably colder weather conditions like snow and ice or freezing weather. 

As pramsuits tend to be a lighter material, they are great for the autumn season, however with the option of styles with thicker material, they are great for winter outings too.

Snowsuits may be preferred over pramsuits if you live in a cold climate and need extra protection and padding for your baby.

Do I need a footmuff on the pram if baby is wearing a pramsuit?

Footmuffs are a great addition to a pramsuit whilst the baby is in the pram. Some parents prefer to buy thin material pramsuits to use alongside a thick fleece footmuff. The use of a pramsuit and footmuff will allow for comfort and warmth whilst the baby is in the pram – and you can always unzip the footmuff and pramsuit when you enter a heated space.

For rainy days spent outdoors, choose a footmuff made with nylon as these are water resistant and can help protect your baby against rain, snow and moisture. If you are looking for an extra layer in the pram to keep your baby warm, opt for a fleece lining. 

Alternatively, you can layer a pramsuit with a blanket of your choice.


At Childrensalon, we stock an array of baby boy and baby girl pramsuits, to keep them comfortable, warm and protected this autumn/winter. Find soft and cosy designer pramsuits crafted in high-quality fleece by Moncler Enfant, classic logoed styles by Kenzo or adorable teddy bear pramsuits by the iconic Moschino. Additionally, we sell beautiful and timeless styles by Carmello Kids, Sofija, Paz Rodriquez and much more. Pramsuits are also a great gift for the upcoming seasons – discover our pramsuit selection here at Childrensalon.

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