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Interview with:

Greg Stanton, Aaron Sidwell & JB Gill

Sunday 18th June, 2017 is international Father's day. To mark the occasion we sat down with three very different men, all of whom belong to the same special club - fatherhood.
From how they like to spend their day, to what their little ones really think they do for a job, we got up close and personal with Greg, Aaron, JB and their little significant others.  

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Etta, what does daddy do for a job? 
Etta: Frogging! 
Greg: You mean blogging? 
Etta: Yes taking pics of me and Ezzy. 

Etta, what’s your favourite thing about daddy? 
Etta: His ankles
Greg: I asked again and tried to tell her maybe it's something I do etc, but she is insistent that my ankles are the best thing!

Describe your ideal Father’s Day?
Father’s Day is all about making the kids feel special in my eyes. None of this escaping to a spa. It’s breakfast in bed with everyone, hamming it up with how amazing my presents are and a nice country pub for a big lunch with everyone - the cat and the dog included. 

What would you choose to dress your child in as a mini-me of yourself?
We are currently touring around south-east Asia with the kids, and when we are not out exploring we are spending loads of time pool and beachside, so to mini and me at the moment it's all about the pastel swimsuits and shades. For Etta, this amazing coral swimsuit by Chloé, accessorised with these Sons + Daughters shades (which I also want in my size) and, of course, these blue Mini Melissa’s which are the ultimate holiday shoe for minis. For the little man it would have to be some crazy boardies to match mine - which my lovely wife says I shouldn't wear at my age.

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What does daddy do for a job?
Isla: Daddy is on Eastenders. 
Matilda: My Daddy is an actor

What’s the funniest thing daddy has ever done?
Isla: He gives me funny names like Isla Smiler. 
Matilda: Everything. He's always being silly!!

Describe Daddy in 3 words.
Isla: Funny, clever and bonkers.
Matilda: Lovely, silly and fun. 

Describe your ideal Father’s day?
Just being with them is enough. Sometimes work can get in the way, however I've been lucky enough these past few years to be able to be with them. 

What would you choose to dress the girls in as a mini-me of yourself?
Well I dress very punky - lots of band t-shirts and skinny jeans. My children would never let me but if they did I’d dress them like that in a heart beat!!

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Ace - what does daddy do for a job?
Daddy works in the telly and has lots of farm animals.

Ace, what’s your favourite thing about daddy?
His cuddles.

Are you a hands-on dad?
Absolutely!! There is nothing more rewarding that taking Ace with me onto the farm or having him for half a day while my wife Chloe has some time to herself! They're precious moments you can't get back and it's the perfect foundation for our own little relationship.

Has fatherhood changed you?
Yes, fatherhood has changed me massively. I'm a lot less selfish and my whole perspective on what life is REALLY about has changed for the better. It's taught me that time is the most valuable thing you can give to your children.

What would you choose to dress your child in as a mini-me of yourself?

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