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How To:

Make an Easter Basket

Using a simple plastic pot and wooden popsicle sticks, we show you how to make cute Easter baskets that can be filled with chocolate eggs, flowers or any gift of your choice. 

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• A plastic spherical container (we used a 1kg white yoghurt pot with a 15cm circumference - you need to be aware that whatever colour you choose will show through)

• Wooden popsicle sticks (we used 18 at 2cm width, x 15cm height)

• Paint colours of your choice (we chose pastel shades and white)

• Length of ribbon to decorate (we used 48cm around the pot)

• Twine for the handle (we used 20cm)

• Paint brushes

• Score knife and score board*

• Glue gun

• Scissors*

• Optional: Depending on the size of the gift you wish to put inside, you may wish to add a filler - we chose shredded paper. 

*It's important that these are used under the supervision of an adult 

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• Cut off the rim of the yoghurt pot wth the score knife.

• If you are painting your sticks in two different colours, paint one half in one colour and the other half in the other colour. Leave these to dry - you will need to paint both sides of the stick. 

• Glue the twine to the inside of the pot to make the handle. 

• Once the sticks are dry, glue each one vertically to the pot in alternate colours. When doing this, you need to leave a very small gap at the top of the basket if your pot is tapered, otherwide they won't fit evenly all the way round.

• Tie the piece of ribbon around the top of the pot for decoration.

• Fill the pots with the gift of your choice (with or without the optional filler)

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