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What's in your baby changing bag?

Like a rite of passage, there comes a time in every new mum's life when she has to swap her favourite handbag for a baby changing bag for when she's out and about with baby. With that also comes the change in the equipment and products she carries around, swapping out her favourite lipstick for a leaky bottle of colic drops. On top of this, packing for a day out can feel like you're preparing for a two week trek to the Himalayas. 

One person who knows all about this is lifestyle blogger and mum of twin girls, Alesha. We spoke to Alesha to find out why she likes her Emporio Armani Baby Changing Backpack and what she takes out with her, including top tips on how to keep the bare essentials to a minimum.

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23 Sep 2019


"When finding a baby bag you need to make sure you’re finding the perfect one. It’s taken me two years - but I’ve finally found it. The Emporio Armani Changing Backpack. This bag has plenty of space for all your baby bits, bottles, nappies, change of clothes etc. The Backpack is practical whilst being stylish at the same time. There is nothing worse than having to carry a bag around with you 24/7 that really doesn’t suit your style. The opening of the bag is wide so everything is easily accessible. Also included is a gorgeous changing mat & insulated bottle bag. If a back pack is not your style, there is also the tradition changing bag style in a variety of colours.  


You describe Margo and Elsie’s style as “pretty and a little punk rock”. Do you have a similar style for yourself? 
Ahh if I’m honest, since we found out we were having the girls, it’s all been about them. I’d love to sit here and say to you that I do, but after the girls are dressed to perfection there is no time or money for me to be the same! 

What made you choose this bag in particular? 
I chose this bag in particular because it's subtle, it’s not obviously a changing bag. I love the idea of a bag looking like just a gorgeous bag and then having all these handy baby bag features inside - anything that makes parenting easier right?! 

You say you prefer this style over the traditional style baby bag. What is it you like about a backpack? 
I think a backpack is essential. Especially with twins, you need both hands free at all times. I find a back pack changing bag is easier to manage especially whilst getting the girls in and out of the car. 


The girls are now two so no longer babies, however every mum experiences the shift from handbag to baby bag and the difference in what you’re carrying when you’re out and about. What products could you never leave the house without when they were newborn?

When you first become a mother you seem to have almost everything ticked off and prepared, clothes, pram, crib, changing bag. But when it comes to your first outing with your new bundle of joy (bundles in my case) how do you stop panicking and rushing around trying to leave the house without forgetting something? Trust me, as much as a necessity as the kitchen sink seems... you don't need to pack it. I believe essentials are key, you need to take all of what you need but do not over pack. When you have a crying baby in one arm, scrambling around a bag looking for a bottle under the ten outfits you've packed is the last thing you want. I have put together a list of my new born essentials:
• Nappies - calculate the amount of time you will be out the house by the frequency you change the baby’s nappy... then add two incase of an emergency. We find the Rascal + Friends nappies are the best on the market.
• A change of clothes from a staple wardrobe, so if you do have to change clothes they will go with anything your baby is already wearing. 
• An insulated bottle bag (the Armani baby bag comes with this so that’s a bonus!!)
Changing mat (this is also included!)
Metanium nappy rash cream - this is miracle cream.
• One pack of baby wipes - only one!
Muslins or bibs, whichever you prefer. We used muslins with the girls as they always loved to have a clean one by their face as a comfort.
Dummy’s and spare dummy’s if you’re using them.
• Don’t forget a mini antibacterial gel for yourself.

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