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What's In Your Baby Bag?

It can sometimes feel necessary to pack the kitchen sink to go on a simple walk or trip to the supermarket. Travelling light with one, let alone two children can be near-impossible. 
Once you become a mum, at least for the first couple of years, your baby changing bag becomes your new handbag and you find yourself swapping out your favourite items of make-up for things such as babywipes and colic drops - it's a rite of passage for everyone.

Like a handbag, it's a mummy's personal preference whether they choose to go small or go large and everyone has their own individual list of must-have products.

We spoke with Anna, lifestyle blogger and mum of two @annabremwilson to learn about her go to baby bag essentials, in addition to tips on how to go from one to two. 

22 May 2020

How is life now you have gone from one to two?

Life is super busy and non-stop but seeing them together is amazing! It really took me by surprise how long it took to adjust to two but after about 8 weeks, something just clicked and we all found our new groove.

Is little Seb enjoying being a big brother?

Seb absolutely loves being a big brother! When I was pregnant, I would get so worried about how Seb would feel and react, but he loved Raffy straight away. He’s so gentle and loving - it’s magical watching their bond grow! 

How are you finding sleep times - do they have similar patterns?

They both go down at 7pm and usually sleep most of the night. Raffy will occasionally wake for his dummy and then they both eventually wake between 6 and 7am.

What are your top 5 baby bag essentials you can’t leave the house without?

1. Aveeno Daily Emollient Cream - both boys suffer with eczema - Sebs is not bad now but gets flare ups if I use any other cream and Raffy has quite a bit. This cream is so moisturising and I like to always have it with me to apply if their skin is irritating them, plus it’s a lovely hand cream for me!

2. Water wipes-  I use them for everything - they're super gentle and perfect for the boys' sensitive skin

3. Viral baby, sanitising water - Seb is forever touching everything! It’s the perfect size and has no scent as he really dislikes all other hand sanitisers and being a spray, it’s ideal. 

4. I absolutely love my Elizabeth Scarlett travel pouches. They give my baby bag a big of grown up glam just for me and they're a great size for nappies, wipes etc and snacks of course! 

5. Snacks - always snacks!

It can sometimes be like packing to go on a camping trip just to go food shopping with children. Are you a parent who takes absolutely everything from home or do you like to ‘wing-it’ and hope that if you need something you can get it on the go?

I would definitely say I’m an over packer and take everything, but pretty much every time I forget something essential!


Do you find you travel lighter or carry more now than you did when you first had Seb?

I definitely have a lot more now! Raffys' bottles weigh the bag down and they both have different snacks but both need a change of outfit, just in case. I should probably bring myself a change of outfit too, it’s been needed many times!

What are your top tips for expectant parents who are due to go from one to two children?

Take your time, we stayed at home for a lot longer this time round and I believe it helped. The newborn bubble is amazing - tiring - but different as you have your eldest to think about. My top tip would be to take it in, watch the children bond and try to block out the mum guilt which everyone always get as soon as they are born. 

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All images by @annabremwilson

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