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Wedding Hair Inspiration

Unlike choosing bridesmaids dresses and undertaking dress fittings, the final flower girl hairstyles and bridesmaids hairstyles aren't undertaken until the big day, despite being the important finishing touches.

Using three popular hairstyles for 2019 weddings, we show you how to create flower girl and bridesmaids hairstyles for shoulder length to long hair, and how to complete them with our hand-picked flower girl hair accessories and bridesmaids hair accessories

25 Mar 2019

Hair Clips

Milkmaid Braids

Made famous on the red carpet by celebrities such as Sienna Miller and Millie Bobby Brown, this is a less ‘polished’ braid and works well for relaxed, boho style themes and makes the perfect flower girl hairstyles for weddings. 

You will need: Elasticated hairbands the colour of the hair, bobby pins, hairspray to hold in place (optional), a tail comb for parting and sectioning. 

• Part the hair down the middle from the hairline at the front through to the back using the tail comb to ensure an even parting. If your bridesmaid has a fringe, the parting will start on the top of the head. 

• Divide the hair into two sections either side of the parting as if you were creating ‘pig tails’. If your bridesmaid has a long fringe, loosely pull some hair from the front to frame the face to create a more ‘relaxed’ boho look.

• Using a classic three strand plait, braid the hair on either side just above the ear, stopping approximately 2 inches from the ends on each plait and secure each one with an elastic hairband.

• Take the left braid and place it across the front of the head, securing it with a bobby pin every few inches across the plait so it is secure to the head.

• Do the same with the right one, securing it just behind the left plait to create a double row. If the hair is very long, the braids can simply be wrapped around the back of the head. Finish with a light dusting of hairspray to help secure in place. 

Hair Accessories: For this, we chose to add real flowers, however you could add artificial silk ones in their place if you choose. 

Loose Beach Waves

Loose beach waves are very versatile as they can be created to fit in with a very traditional look, or also look beautiful for less formal style weddings. The name itself creates images of summer, and this style looks particularly pretty on little flower girls and bridesmaids with blonde hair, as the curls emphasise the different shades within the strands of hair. The loose waves are finished with texturising spray, made to give it that sunkissed, salt water look. 

You will need: Hair sectioning clips, heat protective spray, a curling wand, texturising or volumising spray.
• Separate the top two thirds of the hair into one piece and clip it up. The bottom third loose section will be curled first and you will gradually release the top sections of hair as you complete curling each section.
• Spray the loose section with heat protective spray to protect young strands of hair, take a strand of hair and twist it as you wrap it around the curling wand. Twisting the hair as you wrap it around the wand will create a more relaxed wave.
• Leave the hair wrapped around the wand for just a few seconds to ensure it doesn’t singe, making sure to leave the very tips uncurled to give texture and prevent split ends.
• As you remove the wand from the centre of the curl, pull the end of the hair taught to prevent the curls being tight and springy. Alternate different sized sections and strands as you continue to curl the rest of the hair, to give it a more natural, tousled look.
• To give it texture, lightly spray the roots with the volumising spray and separate the curls individually using your fingers.
Hair Accessories: We used a stunning artificial flower hairband by Graci and placed it low on the forehead to look like a flower crown. 

Fishtail Braid

A very simple but effective style, a fishtail braid looks intricate and polished, however it is very easy to create. Made to look literally like a fish tail, the plait can be worn pulled tight to show of the strands, or pulled loosely for a more relaxed look which looks pretty when adding flowers. Similar to the milkmaid braid, this can also be wrapped around the head in the same way to create a stunning fishtail crown.

You will need: Elasticated hairbands the colour of the hair, bobby pins, hairspray to hold in place (optional), a tail comb for parting and sectioning.
• Using an elasticated hairband, tie the hair in a low side ponytail. Take your ponytail and split the hair into two halves (section A and section B).
• Take a small strand of hair from section A and cross it over the front of section B.
• Continue to plait each strand down the entire length of the ponytail crossing A and B, pulling the hair tightly as you go.
• Secure the strands with an elasticated hairband. This braid looks particularly nice if the band isn’t secured right at the bottom, so there is some loose strands left at the end.
• Using the scissors, gently cut the top elasticated hairband, and if you would like a more relaxed, messy braid, it possible to do this by loosely pulling at the plaited hair. Finish with a light dusting of hairspray to help secure the strands place.
Hair Accessories: We used real flowers dotted randomly along the length of the braid, however you can use a selection of our pretty little hair clips
All images by Childrensalon

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