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This season, BOSS presents a refreshing collection of sporty clothing and accessories that embrace a relaxed style of dressing. The iconic designer invites an energetic colour palette of yellow and blue, as classic silhouettes are reimagined with updated logos and more.

All images by @jayde_jenson_rocco
We asked Jayde White of @jayde_jenson_rocco and mum of identical twin boys, to style her favourite pieces for Jenson and Rocco from the spring / summer collection. 

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29 May 2019

Describe Jenson and Rocco’s style, do you like to dress them the same?

I’ve always dressed them the same since birth. I think it looks cute whilst they are young and it’s so much easier when sorting the washing out which helps! They are known for being dressed identically, so until they tell me they don’t want to wear the same I will continue to do so! I’d say their style is fairly simple in terms of colours and patterns. I like to keep them looking boyish but at the same time smart. They have a mixture of high street and designer clothing. One thing I’d say is I like them to be comfy, there’s nothing worse than not being able to move freely, especially as a child when playing. My favourite seasons are spring and summer, I love shopping for their holiday clothes.

What is it you love about the new SS’19 BOSS collection? Tell us what your favourite pieces are.

I love the classic polos and smart chino trousers from the BOSS kids collection which you can mix and match to make such a simple but smart outfit. I am also loving the bright T-shirts teamed with a pair of shorts, these are such nice colours for the sunny weather in summer and I love them in these shades!

The boys always look adorable in your Instagram pictures. Do they like having their photo taken?

They do and they don’t! It completely depends on what mood they’re in. Sometimes they will stand perfectly for me and other times they will run off  giggling with their little cheeky faces! It’s definitely got harder as they’ve got older. Quite often I’ll take a great shot of one of them, but the other will have his eyes closed! I have to take lots and pick the best shots.

As twins, their closeness comes across so well in your images. Do they have similar personalities?

I find it hard to describe their personalities because they seem to switch every few months! One of the boys will be cheeky one month and then it will change, one will be quieter, one more confident and it then it soon switches again, it’s been like this since they were born. They are extremely close and where one goes the other will follow. They are the best of friends and it’s so lovely to watch. They will play for hours with each other and are never too far from one another at Pre-school either. At the moment, I’d say Jenson is the more fearful twin, he weighs things up a bit more and takes a little time to warm to new people. In comparison, Rocco is the confident twin and is a little more open when chatting and meeting new children or adults.

Everyone always seems so fascinated with twins, particularly identical ones. What’s your favourite thing about having twin boys?

Yes everyone is so fascinated! We always get stopped when we are out as people love to ask questions and always seem so intrigued. My favourite thing is seeing the special bond that they have. They will always have each other and that’s so lovely as a parent, especially on their first day of school and for similar milestones in the future. I had a tough pregnancy as the boys suffered TTTS (a disease of the placenta) and were born prematurely so we are incredibly lucky to have them both here safe and healthy. They are both amazing and growing up to be such lovely polite and gentle boys. 

What makes a perfect family day for the four of you?

Our favourite kind of day is a day at the coast with a nice walk, playing on the beach and followed by lunch. The boys love being outdoors. We also love being in our garden and throughout summer we live out there!

Rocco & Jenson Wears

KIKU - Grey Canvas T-Bar Shoes | ChildrensalonKIKU

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