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Stella McCartney Kids x The Beatles: Get Back

To coincide with the release of The Beatles: Get Back documentary series on Disney+, Stella McCartney Kids have launched a capsule full of kaleidoscopic prints, multicoloured hues, and retro monochrome, with pieces inspired by some of The Beatles iconic album covers. 

Although more than 50 years have passed since their famous final performance on a Savile Row rooftop, the impact of The Beatles lives on, and everything they stood for remains relevant today. The collection looks to celebrate their legacy and values; music, community, and much like the core belief of Stella McCartney, a cultural movement calling for positive change.

17 Feb 2022

Stella McCartney x The Beatles

Formed in Liverpool in 1960, The Beatles were the soundtrack of the sixties, releasing 13 studio albums in just ten years. Throughout their decade-long career (and beyond), they made a name for themselves as influencers in not just music, but also fashion and politics, weaving activism into almost everything they did. Much like Stella McCartney does with her fashion line, The Beatles aimed to produce music to be enjoyed by many whilst simultaneously making a statement. 


The Beatles' final album, Let It Be (released 1970), features the track Get Back, from which the documentary and the capsule take their names. As the daughter of Paul McCartney, legendary co-lead vocalist and bassist for the band, Stella McCartney had unique access to the world of The Beatles from which to draw inspiration, including Paul McCartney's own wardrobe! The capsule is where the revolutionary world of The Beatles and the playful world of Stella McCartney Kids combine in perfect harmony.

Stella McCartney’s Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is an essential consideration to the entire McCartney family; it has long been at the forefront of Stella McCartney's designs, and this collection is no different. The eco-conscious designer uses recycled nylon for swimwear and leggings, and almost every other piece is made from 100% organic cotton. 


This collection is everything you would expect from a Stella McCartney Kids x The Beatles capsule: it's fun, graphic, and bold. The Get Back capsule celebrates the phenomenon of The Beatles, complete with mini-me pieces and vibrant prints to inspire future changemakers.


These bright designs are psychedelic and eclectic, reflecting the vivid colours used in much of The Beatles' artwork. Whether your child is a superfan of fashion or music (or both!), they can immerse themselves in the truly unique world of this collection. In particular, we love the silk-blend dress with its kaleidoscope of colours, complete with a skirt perfect for twirling to their favourite The Beatles record!


These graphic and retro monochrome designs have references to different album artworks, including logos and imagery from Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Heart Club Band and Get Back. Although predominantly black and white, these cool designs make a statement. The collection has been designed to be mixed and matched, so they can wear it all at once and show off their love for The Beatles, or, for a more laid-back look, pair one of the T-shirts with some designer kids jeans. The super-soft cotton pieces offer all-day comfort, and we just know your children will want to wear them Eight Days a Week!


"Get Back is about so much more than just a song or a concert – it is the timeless story of lifelong friends coming together to create something incredible with laughter and utter fearlessness whilst standing at the forefront of change. The Beatles were the faces of a cultural movement for positive change that continues to shape the lives of millions around the world, and I hope this capsule celebrates and communicates these ageless messages to a new generation." 

- Stella McCartney

Shop the full collection, or browse the full Stella McCartney Kids range here.

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