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Visiting Family Friendly Resort Hualalai | @islandfeversisters

One of Hawaii’s most luxurious destinations, the Four Seasons Hualalai Resort is a firm favourite for both families and couples. Offering a range of child friendly activities and a variety of sports, the beautiful resort is surrounded by stunning scenery and beaches.

All images by @islandfeversisters
We spoke to Kathy Croman of lifestyle blog Island Fever Sisters, about her recent trip for Mother’s Day and what spring clothes for kids she packs for her daughter Kaia. 
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2 Jun 2019

Four Seasons Resort Hualalai

Where did you stay - tell us about the resort?

We stayed at the Four Seasons Resort in Hualalai, which is on the Big Island of Hawaii. We come here for Mother’s Day every year, so it’s a great little tradition we do. The resort where it stands today, was an ancient Hawaiian fishing village, so it’s a historical area of Ka’upulehu. It’s surrounded by white sandy beaches and black lava landscapes. It truly is a magical place if you ever come here. I love how the resort is tailored to both couples and families, and they have a great kids programme on site. There is no shortage of swimming pools either with an adults only pool, a quiet pool, a family pool, a baby pool and a large aquarium pool with more than 4,000 tropical fish from more than 98 species here in Hualalai.

What makes the Four Seasons Resort Hualalai a good destination for families?
There are endless things to do for families here. You can be as active as you want to be or just relax by the pool. You can learn how to canoe, play tennis, golf on their Jack Nicklaus course, snorkel, learn about the Hawaiian heritage in the cultural centre, learn how to make a lei, play the ukulele and even learn the Hawaiian language etc. There is really something for every family here.

Mother's Day

You travelled for Mother’s day - how did you spend the holiday - was it just the three of you?

Yes, it was just the three of us and we spent the day in the sun swimming, then to dinner at one of the resorts restaurants. It was a very relaxing and beautiful Mother’s Day! I was very lucky to get spoiled by my husband and daughter. Any day where you don’t have to cook or clean and get catered to is a great day!
Tell us about the outfits you picked for Kaia?
Since I knew we were heading to a resort, I picked resort wear pieces that she could wear from the poolside to lunch and dinner. My absolute favorite outfit is the Emilio Pucci trousers with the one shoulder black swimsuit that she could wear as a bodysuit with the matching hat, sunglasses and silver Armani Junior sandals. It’s so adorable and something I would wear myself. The other outfit is the adorable cherry jumpsuit from Stella McCartney Kids with the matching sunglasses and Moschino red sandals. Kaia loves wearing jumpsuits and this one is super silky and comfy!
What is your take on the mini-me style (where mums and their children dress the same)?
I absolutely love it! I will do it till the day she tells me she no longer wants me to dress the same as her! But for now, she loves it when we dress the same. I think it’s adorable and I’ve seen more and more designers really take on this approach this season with spring outfits for kids. They’re smart - they know it sells! 

Mini-Me Style

Do you like to dress yourself and Kaia the same?

I don’t do it all the time, but yes, we’ve got some pieces where we will dress the same for that occasion. Kaia loves when we are matching and we always get stopped when we do the mummy and me styles. I will run with it, because I know in a few years she will be begging me not to wear the same thing as her!

What are the similarities between you and Kaia - is she your exact mini-me?

She is me! My husband gets freaked out at times, because she is so much like me. She’s got my outgoing personality, sensitivity, sweetness and my Korean temper. (she makes the same face as me when I get angry and it’s so funny when she tries to do it.)

What are your favourite mummy and daughter activities - describe your ideal day?

We love to bike in our little town or to visit our tennis and pool club. If she could spend ten hours in a pool or at the beach, she would! She’s a little mermaid. Our new thing is to find ‘magic shells’ (perfect shells that haven’t been broken) She found two for me at the resort and I would love to get them dipped in gold to make a necklace and bracelet. Plus, shell jewellery is so in fashion now!

Fashion Essentials

How do you tend to shop for Kaia - do you go simply for what you like or are you more strategic with your choices?

I go for styles that I like, but also that are made from great material. Kaia has eczema, so I make sure the fabrics are always soft and won’t irritate her skin. I also go for styles that she can easily put on and off by herself.
Is there a go-to style or brand that you like for both you and Kaia? What are the essentials for dressing Kaia that you cannot live without? Do you have matching pieces?
Kaia loves jumpsuits, so I try to find cute styles that are breathable for here in Hawaii. She also has heterochromia (one blue eye and one hazel eye), so her eyes are very sensitive meaning that sunglasses are a must and I always carry a pair for her in my purse. She loves her round white ones by Bari Lynn. Also, a comfortable pair of sandals is a must. She loves her Armani Junior and Moschino sandals, because they are both comfy and she can easily put them on herself with the velcro straps.

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