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How to Make a Hedgehog Hotel

The hedgehog population has been dwindling to record low numbers so it is important that we do all that we can to protect them. Hedgehogs are wonderful for keeping our gardens clear of pests – just one hedgehog can consume up to 200g of insects every night, a very attractive proposition for keen gardeners.

Offering a hedgehog somewhere safe and comfortable to shelter helps to lure them into your garden and building a hedgehog house is simpler than you might think. You have probably seen a man-made version before and we hope you will be motivated to create one of your own to hide in your garden for the nocturnal critters to find. Remember that hedgehogs prefer nesting in a small space so if you are worried that the house you create is on the snug side – don’t be, they will be thrilled.

16 Aug 2021

You will need:

-   A plastic storage box – it will need to be plastic rather than cardboard as hedgehogs are burrowers and will tear a cardboard box apart
-   A sharp knife
-   Scissors
-   A carrier bag
-   Leaves 
-   Dry grass or straw
-   Twigs

How to make your hedgehog hotel:

-   Turn the box on its head and carefully cut out an entrance as well as two small air vents on the sides.
-   Lay leaf litter on the ground and top this with either straw or dry grass.
-   Find the perfect spot to place your box. It is best tucked away but slightly visible with the entrance south-facing.
-   Cut along one side of the carrier bag so that it opens flat and securely attach that around the top and sides of the box.
-   Use leaves and twigs to cover the plastic bag.

All images by Childrensalon

Did you make a hedgehog hotel? We would love to see your creations – don’t forget to tag us in your social media posts @childrensalon #CSDIY.

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