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CS Summer Camp | How to build a Teepee

Every parent who has a child under the age of 10 will know how much children love play tents. Whether you have one up in your home or garden, it’s something that provides hours of fun. 

As part of our Childrensalon Summer Camp, we asked @thislifewithsarah, mum of three - Sarah Li to show you how to make your own teepee.

Sarah says ...

"Outdoor play is such an important part of childhood. Physical skills are important for growth, co-ordination and movement of the body. When children play outdoors, they learn to jump, skip, run, throw and even climb! They also learn social skills by interacting with other children and learn about the natural elements from being outside. Of course, it wouldn’t be a UK summer without some rain! So we decided to build our own teepee indoors!"

25 Aug 2020

- You will need -

- 5 wooden dowels (150cm long roughly)
- Hot glue gun
- Some fabric (king size bed sheet)
- Some string or twine
- Measuring tape
- Fabric paint
- Paint brushes 
- Feathers
- Fabric scissors
- Drill

* Parental assistance should be given at all times and health and safety measures should be followed.

- How to build your Teepee -

- Measure roughly 10cm down and mark on your wooden dowels then drill holes big enough for the string to fit through.

- Thread the string through all the dowels and tie a knot at the end to secure.

Stand the dowels up and arrange into a teepee shape. Use the string to secure the dowels in place and tighten.

Loop around each individual dowel and then around all five to make sure they are all secure.

Lay the king size sheet down on the floor to begin drawing out 5 triangles. Make sure they measure big enough to fit between each dowel.

- Once you have them drawn, cut out using scissors. You should have 5 pieces ready.

Cut a slit on the front price to create a curtain. If you’d like, you can use the string to tie the curtain back like we did or leave it down so the kids can hide in it! 

- Once they are all prepared, begin gluing them to the wooden dowels. Make sure an adult helps you with this part as the glue is very hot! 

Once done, you can begin painting your teepee whatever way you like! We painted spots and animals and insects that we find in nature onto the sides of ours! 

We stuck some coloured feathers onto the sides of the tent door and the top to finish it off. 

Furnish with pillows and throws to make it cosy and fun! 

- Tips -

- Be careful when using scissors and make sure an adult is supervising at all times.

- The more helpers the merrier when making the teepee and holding it in shape! Building a teepee was a really fun activity with the children as they loved getting involved, particularly when painting the teepee, and of course they're enjoying it after we'd finished building! It's the perfect space for them to play games, such as hide and seek, or sit and read. Lots of room for imagination, play, and quiet time.

All images by @thislifewithsarah

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