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Host a Slumber Party with Angel's Face & @joyfuljoyous1

New for this season is Angel's Face's beautiful slumber party collection. The range includes pyjamas (long and short) and cute little robes that come with an eye mask, adorably embroidered with gold eyelashes. What's so great is how luxe they look and feel - perfect for little ladies who want something sophisticated and grown-up 

The October half term and a new pair of pyjamas calls for a cosy night in, so why not host your own slumber party?

We asked @joyfuljoyous1 - Joy and her daughters, Cecilia and Amelia to do just that and talk us through how to host the perfect sleepover at home.


Joy says ...

"Sadly, with so many restrictions in place, this year, I‘ve had to get creative and really embrace staying at home. One of the things Cecilia has missed the most due to the current restrictions is the ability to host sleepovers or attend ones with her friends so with the help of Childrensalon and Angel’s Face I decided to arrange one for her."

27 Oct 2020

Dream a little dream ...

Enjoy the sweetest of dreams with Angel's Face's slumber party collection

Hosting a Sleepover

Both girls wore the new silky satin pyjamas from Angel’s Face, which they loved and they felt very luxurious and added a touch of chic to their Friday night pyjama party. Cecilia’s pyjama set was the crisp ivory with pink trim and Amelia wore the uber girly pink with white trim. Angel's Face also gifted us a fun sleepover pack which included a cute ballerina jewellery box (see below)

Of course, what pyjama party would be complete without wonderful treats?
We were very spoilt and had a glorious selection from London bakery Cutter and Squidge, filled with macaroons, cake truffles and their signature biskies. Amelia loves macaroons so she was ecstatic about the mini ones, so much so she created a little nook all for herself to enjoy the treats and talk the night away with her best friend on FaceTime.


Shop the Angel's Face Slumber Party Collection HERE 

Things to do

Since lockdown, we’ve been hosting bi-weekly family game nights where we play board games or multi player games on the Nintendo Switch. This usually takes place in the living room, but because I wanted to truly embrace the spirit of the sleepover, we moved the location of this to their bedroom. With online game play, the girls are able to connect with their friends, family and play virtually.

I ordered a karaoke microphone online and honestly the fun it has brought for the family is endless. We pick a trending song or in my case an ‘ancient’ tune (as Amelia likes to call any song that wasn’t made post 2013), and we belt it out at the top of our lungs. As you can imagine, our neighbours really love us! We jump around, dance and by the end of it, it feels like we’ve done a Joe Wicks workout! This is by far by favourite activity because it’s a sneaky way to get the kids active.

After all the crazy games, singing and dancing is over, we like to cuddle up and stream a movie. With Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video we’re never stuck for something to watch. I use Netflix codes to find suitable content for the girls to watch. Here are a few tips:

783 | Children and Family Film
- 67673 | Disney content available on Netflix
51056 | Family Features

Make it virtual

- Host a watch party using Google Chrome or Netflix Watch Party
- Use Kahoot to host a quiz
- Create a 'secret Santa' style snack selection where each child sends another snack to enjoy
- Play an online version of board games and connect each player
- Arrange a virtual scavenger hunt

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