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Celebrating in Style | First Birthday Gift Ideas

A first birthday is an incredibly special occasion for families. While baby may be unaware of the momentous celebrations, parents spend the time leading up to their child’s first birthday happily reflecting on the many firsts they have enjoyed with their little boy or girl over the last year. From meeting them at their birth to hearing their first giggle, watching them clap in delight at tasting their first foods and standing close by as they begin to find their feet (albeit in a very wobbly manner).

Fuelled with emotion, the celebrations surrounding a baby’s first birthday have no limit. This special date can be marked with family and friends in gatherings large or small with balloon arches and flower walls to create a beautiful backdrop to the occasion. More recently we have seen a rise in the first birthday cake smash tradition where babies don sweet outfits and a party hat and are presented with a birthday cake to tuck into with their little fingers while adoring adults watch over them capturing the perfect photograph to mark the moment – baby’s first taste of cake.

16 Feb 2022

What to gift on baby’s first birthday

Deciding what to buy a baby for their first birthday can feel like a big task so we have broken it down into a few categories for you to choose from, allowing you to present the most thoughtful first birthday gift possible.

Let the children play

Indulge their imaginations with role play and dress-up.

Elodie - Pink Rabbit Soft Toy (40cm) | ChildrensalonElodie



Liewood - Silicone Toy Tea Set  | ChildrensalonLiewood
Caramelo Kids - Pink Jersey & Tulle Skirt Set | ChildrensalonCaramelo Kids




Eco-friendly first birthday gifts

Toys that are kind to the earth are often at the forefront of a parent’s mind nowadays. Choose developmentally appropriate toys for one-year-olds, such as this Silicone Toy Tea Set or the Wooden Puzzle Box from Liewood.


Elodie Green Rabbit Soft Toy | Elodie Pink Rabbit Soft Toy | Liewood Silicone Toy Tea Set | Liewood Wooden Puzzle Box | Caramelo Kids Pink Jersey & Tulle Skirt Set

Fuelling their imagination

Provide them with endless opportunities for play with toys that will inspire their imaginations and encourage open-ended role play.


Liewood Rubber Bucket & Spade Set | Jellycat Pink Lobster Toy | Dress Up By Design Elmer Cotton Baby Costume | Moulin Roty Les Rosalies Rag Doll

Jellycat - Pink Larry Lobster Soft Toy (20cm) | ChildrensalonJellycat



Moulin Roty - Les Rosalies Rag Doll (45cm) | ChildrensalonMoulin Roty

Dressed to impress

Celebrate in style with our favourite picks for the party host.

Caramelo Kids - Yellow Stripe Baby Dress Set | ChildrensalonCaramelo Kids



Babidu - Boys Floral Shirt & Shorts Set | ChildrensalonBabidu




Prepared to party

With parties in mind, we have chosen our favourite pieces to have your little boy or girl dressed to the nines for their first birthday bash. With party dresses laced with bows and frills and smart buster suits with sweet and sophisticated collars, we have everything you need to style them for the big day. Don’t forget those party pumps and adorable accessories to pull it all together.


Above: Caramelo Kids Yellow Stripe Baby Dress Set | Babidu Boys Floral Shirt & Shorts Set | Beatrice & George Boys Blue Cotton Shorts Set | Childrensalon Occasions Tulle Butterfly Baby Dress

Below: Beatrice & George Baby Girls Dungaree Shorts Set | Artesania Granlei Boys Beige Knitted Shorts Set | Beatrice & George Green Cotton Floral Shortie | Beatrice & George Boys White & Beige Buster Suit

Beatrice & George - Baby Girls Yellow Dungaree Shorts Set | ChildrensalonBeatrice & George



Artesanía Granlei - Boys Beige Knitted Shorts Set | ChildrensalonArtesanía Granlei



Beatrice & George - Green Cotton Floral Shortie | ChildrensalonBeatrice & George



Keep me forever

Timeless and practical, keepsakes will stay with baby for many years to come.

Gifts to stand the test of time

Keepsakes always make a wonderful gift as a child (and parent) can treasure them for years to come. The Gold Cutlery 3 Piece Set by Elodie is perfectly designed to be held by little hands and are not only beautiful but they are also built to last. Or choose the Wooden Milk Teeth Box from Bonpoint so they can safely store their baby teeth ready to be collected by the Tooth Fairy when the time comes. Lastly, help baby take their first steps by gifting them a pair of first-walker shoes.These pretty Ivory Leather Pre-Walkers from Donsje are soft and malleable with soles suitable to support them in the great outdoors.


Above: Elodie Silver Cutlery 3 Piece Set | Elodie Gold Cutlery 3 Piece Set | Fendi Brown FF Teddy Bear | Bonpoint Wooden Milk Teeth Box | Donsje Ivory Leather Pre-Walkers

Below: Dragons of Walton Street Personalised Nightlight | Bam Bam Tooth Fairy Silver Plated Box | Dragons of Walton Street Personalised London Bus | Moulin Roty Soft Mouse & Wardrobe Toy

Bam Bam - Silver Plated Tooth Fairy Box (5cm) | ChildrensalonBam Bam
Moulin Roty - Soft Mouse & Wardrobe Toy (25cm) | ChildrensalonMoulin Roty

Shop 1st Birthday gifts

For more inspiration on special first birthday gifts, visit our baby shop here.

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