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Benefits to Baby Skincare | Little Butterfly London

More and more people are realising the importance of going green and choosing organic. From what we eat and what we wear to what we choose to put on our skin, we are becoming more aware of the need to ensure maximum health for our bodies inside and out.

Dedicated organic skincare products for little ones are on the rise as parents wish to emulate this level of protection for their offspring.

To meet demand, a number of big luxury beauty brands are choosing to offer similar products especially for little mini-me’s. In addition to this we’ve seen the emergence of new brands just for baby - Jessica Alba set the trend back in 2012 with the launch of The Honest Company, her collection of eco-friendly products just for children and babies - and premium skincare for children has never been so in demand.

7 Jul 2020

Introducing Little Butterfly London

One of our new brands for SS20, Little Butterfly London was founded by new mum Gudrun Wurm. With a passion for skincare from an early age, it seemed natural that her standards for her own child would be high. Seeing a gap in the market for what she exactly wanted, Gudrun was influenced to develop a range of skincare products that would nurture children’s delicate skin from birth. Her tick list was concise - organic, luxurious, gentle, effective and absolutely safe - so to do this she set out to ensure that no harmful, toxic ingredients were included in any of her products.

All Little Butterfly London products are organically certified by Ecocert, the most established certification body worldwide and her collection promises to feature only organic ingredients. As an expert in the field, we caught up with Gudrun to tell us in her own words the benefits of organic skincare and the role each key ingredient plays within her products to keep baby’s skin healthy and well protected.

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Talk us through the benefits of ingredients included in your baby skincare.

A baby’s skin is up to five times thinner than an adult’s, making it more permeable and susceptible to damage, which is why it is so important to think about the products that you use on their delicate skin. All the products in the Little Butterfly London range are made in England specifically for newborn, allergy-prone, eczema-prone and sensitive skin using extra gentle, yet highly effective ingredients that are above all natural and safe so parents can rest assured that their baby’s and their own skin is in expert hands.

When it comes to the ingredients every formula is free from harmful or irritating ingredients and certified organic by Ecocert, which is the most established certification body worldwide.

To give a baby’s skin the respect it deserves, all Little Butterfly London products are free from mineral oil, paraffin, parabens, SLS and silicones as well as no synthetics or strong essential oils when it comes to the fragrance. Instead, the range is made with carefully selected, gentle organic actives at a low level. 

Little Butterfly London is a member of Cruelty Free International, a non-profit organisation that peacefully campaigns against animal experiments. None of the products are tested on animals and do not use ingredients that are manufactured by companies that commission animal testing to ensure that all products are cruelty free.

What are your 'Hero' Products?

A ‘hero’ product in the range is the Soft as Moonlight nappy changing cream which contains 18 natural ingredients. These include calendula, meadowsweet, oat kernel extract and a series of precious oils and butters, all of which combine to create a comforting and healing balm which helps prevent and soothe nappy rash.

The latest product which everyone is talking about is the Wrapped in Love calming anti-pollution face cream for babies. It includes a patented duo-active from the moringa tree which shields and gently lifts micro-particles to help maintain the skin’s purity and softness as well as a natural active from the candeia tree to protect the skin from daily environmental stressors. Nourishing oils of borage, evening primrose and calendula add softening hydration and help to relieve dryness, itchiness and flaking. Comforting and naturally anti-oxidant extracts of horse chestnut and meadowsweet gently sweep away free radicals and help support a baby’s delicate barrier function.

All images by Little Butterfly London

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