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80s Trend

The 1980s exploded on to the fashion scene in a blur of bright colours, graphic prints and ecclectic styles from oversized to super-tight, with the introduction of athleisure in light of the aerobics fitness phenomenon. 
Known as the era for over the top trends and the mixing and matching of different styles, the '80s were revolutionary in the introduction of a number of different fashion influences that have stood the test of time and are reinvented over and over again. 
1 Nov 2019

'80s INFLUENCE ...

The 1980s introduced new materials such as lycra to everyday clothing, making it acceptable for sports wear and tight-fit clothing to be worn outside of the gym - leggings and ski pants (slim trousers with stirrups) were a popular choice for girls. Pop culture had a huge impact on trends, ultimately being the era of MTV. Teenagers were influenced by the style of stars such as Madonna and Michael Jackson and logos and brand names became important, notably Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. 
Denim had a make over, taking jeans from the comfortable flared styles of the 1970s to 'skinny' jeans that looked like they had been sprayed on. High waisted jeans, known as 'mom' jeans were just as popular and would be accessorised with short sweatshirts that sit on the waist or logo tees worn tucked in. Ripped knees, stone wash and graphic prints became popular features that continued into the 1990s. Pretty adornments such as lace, frills and pearls were given a more rock and roll edge by mixing them with denim, leather and studs. Day-glo shades are a trend most commonly seen in summer, however this season, as it was back then, pastels and bright neon shades are popular for autumn and winter. 


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The high-shine trend was born in the 80s and metallic accents and sequins are here to stay. This retro-style bomber jacket by Karl Lagerfeld Kids is reversible, so can be worn for day time or disco. Ra-Ra skirts were the only kind to be seen in, defined by their super-short style and layers of lightweight fabric. For an alternative look, pair a tu-tu skirt with a denim jacket or leather biker. Logos always create a style statement and mixing and matching brands is very much of the era. Lastly, socks aren't just for keeping feet warm - sports socks with logos are the ultimate accessory in this look and should be worn loud and proud with high-tops. 


Sports wear in the 1980s dominated clothing for boys. Unlike the more fitted styles of the 1970s, tracksuits were worn oversized and the trend was to have matching tops and bottoms. Logos, bright colours and prints were big and if boys weren't advertising their favourite sports brand, they would champion a cartoon or superhero on their sweatshirt.  Athletic shoes became a style statement for boys, in particular the rise in popularity of Nike Air Jordans, that made retro style high-tops a trend. 

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