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Wedding | Bridesmaid Hair Inspiration

Now you've chosen your theme, it's time to think of the finer details and that includes hair styles and hair accessories. As with the venue, the flowers, cake and colour scheme, it's important that the finishing touches to the outfits fit the overall theme of the wedding. More and more, people are choosing to move away from tradition and the bride and groom tend to be more swayed towards personalising their wedding with their own special finishing touches.

We've picked three key wedding trends - contemporary, boho and traditional - to show you how you can style your bridesmaids' hair to match the overall look and theme. To help you decide on your style, we've included a number of dress styles for inspiration. 

12 Feb 2020


The contemporary wedding theme is ultra modern and the details tend to be very of the now. Styles are fashion and trend led and the look is very polished. The venues are generally less traditional, so it could be that the bride and groom choose to have a civil ceremony in a luxury hotel or registry office with a more opulent venue to follow. Destination weddings also tend to have a more contemporary theme, depending on the location. The dress code is usually smart with a trend towards black tie dress - think formal. It could be that the bride chooses something less conventional such as a dress that isn't the usual white or ivory or something such as a designer label special occassion dress straight off the peg. 


You will need a tail comb, bobby pins and finishing spray
1. First, use the comb to part the hair down the middle (for little girls with fringes - part from the crown). Smooth it behind the ears on each side, and gather it at the nape of the neck

2. Gather the hair together to create a low ponytail and gently twist the ponytail from end to end, coiling it into a bun shape

3. Secure each side of the bun with a bobby pin

4. Gently loosen the bun to get your size and shape (this will vary depending on the thickness of the hair) and secure around the bun with the bobby pins

5. To create added volume to the top of the hair, slide the tail comb into the crown and give it a light tug 

6. Set the hair with a light dusting of hairspray to hold it in place

7. Layer the hair clips from front to back in succession along one side of the head


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Decorative hair clips made a comeback last year and this trend doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon. This look is all about the hair accessories and the hair acts as a platform for showing off the clips. More is more with this look and we're taking inspiration from fashion royalty Olivia Palermo who advises to layer the clips above the ear in succession to achieve her signature polished look. The key is to wear the clips like jewellery.

Go for a row of matching, classic pearl hairclips or go for bright and blingy and mix and match - whatever best suits the dress. Have fun with dress styles as with a contemporary theme, it's acceptable to move away from pastels and simple lines. Go full length for a touch of glamour or let the dress do the talking in this unique designer dress with sequined motif on the back, from Gucci

- BOHO -

The word 'boho' relates to something that is socially unconventional - this fashion buzz word has come to mean laid-back, hippie with floaty styles and fabrics, more often than not incorporating flower crowns or a headpiece for the girls, generally mixing and matching different textures - anything goes. Sophisticated boho has become a popular trend for weddings - think outdoor venues, teepees, hand-made personal details and pretty, natural bouquets. 


You will need a curling iron and some finishing solution (spray, serum etc) and a floral headband 

1. Take a one inch section of hair and wrap it around the curling iron. You can go all the way to the end or leave the ends straight for a more beach-wave inspired look. 

2. Continue to take one inch sections of hair, repeating the above until all the hair is curled

3. Use the finishing solution - you will need to apply different techniques depending on the thickness of the hair:

  • For thick hair, smooth with some texturising spray lightly pulling the hair downwards as you run your fingers through to prevent frizz and to gently loosen the curls. We suggest a serum to loosen the curls and set the hair with a light dusting of hairspray to hold the curls in place 
  • For thinner hair - use the finishing spray to gently tousle the hair with your fingers after you've applied the spray, giving the curls more volume. We suggest a sea salt spray for texture

4. Gently place the headband on the top of the head. We recommend that as it is being worn all day, you secure it with bobby pins 


Celebrities Sienna Miller and Kate Moss championed the boho-chic trend at the height of its popularity in 2005.  For weddings, the boho look is laid-back with an injection of glamour. It's all about the natural fabrics – from delicate cotton, linen, chiffon and lace made extra special by the addition of pearl embellishments, delicate embroidery and appliqués. Kate Moss wed in high-fashion boho style in a 1930s style pearl-embellished dress by couture Galliano. Fashion heiress and queen of hippie style Margarita Missoni wore a fairy tale inspired dress designed by Giambattista Valli for her bohemian style wedding in 2012. One of the most notable weddings was that of society girl Poppy Delevingne who got married in a boho themed wedding in Marrakech and chose a number of different dresses for her celebration, most famously the Emilio Pucci dress covered with pastel flower embellishments.

This season we're taking inspiration from designer Sienna likes to party and more with their selection of floral headbands. Match pretty little head pieces with light, floaty dresses, worn short or long. A neutral colour palette incorporating ivory, beige and pastel shades of pink work well to achieve this look. Flowers, lace and appliqué embellishments all add to the look. Keep hair soft and natural with waves and loose finger curls. 


The very nature of being traditional means the look is timeless and doesn't rely so heavily on trends. Whilst the bride's dress can be from any design - big princess dresses, strapless, fitted, a long train, a veil or no veil - the main details such as flowers, venue, ceremony etc all follow the traditional theme. Venues tend to take place in a church or for those who do not wish to have a religious ceremony, a civil ceremony in somewhere equally beautiful as a purpose built wedding venue - banqueting suite, orangery etc, a stately home or castle. 


You will need some bobby pins and a hair elastic to secure the hair in place, some fine hairspray and some fresh flowers 
1. Start by pulling all the hair but the side sections into a ponytail and loop the hair to make a top knot before fastening

2. Use a proportion of the hair from each side to make little loops which will form what look like curls - secure these into the top knot with bobby pins

3. Take the remaining sections of hair to create two plaits - one on either side - plaiting it from the front. The plaits will give it an overall polished feel and will hide any pins etc

4. Set the hair with a light dusting of hairspray to hold in place

5. Accessorise the hair with fresh flowers, woven into the different sections of the plaits and amongst the curls


For bridesmaids, think classic ballerina length dresses in ivory and various pastel shades made from satin, taffeta and tulle. The most notable traditional weddings in recent years have been the succession of Royal Weddings - from Kate to Megan and Eugenie, soon to be Beatrice this summer. These have set the trend for more traditional themes bringing back more classic, demure styles for brides such as dresses with sleeves. Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge chose to go super traditional with her bridesmaid and pageboy outfits when she married Prince William in 2011. Kate chose British dress designer Nicki Macfarlane to design the dresses for the big day - the exact design is the Ivory Eliza Dress and can be bought here. Whilst traditionally bridesmaid dresses were commissioned alongside the wedding dress, more and more brides are now choosing to buy these off the peg.

We've taken inspiration from the designs of Nicki Macfarlane as they are so quintessentially classic. Choose pretty dresses in mid length, ballerina styles worn with ballet pumps or go for shorter above-the-knee dresses which look adorable on the littlest flower girls. Keep hair formal with classic updos incorporating plaits and curls and keep hair jewellery to a minimum - instead opting for fresh flowers that tie in with the bouquet. 

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