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Boys wedding outfits

We spoke to style blogger Zaynab of @thenewyorknest about how she likes to dress her adorable son Noah for a special occasion.

We asked Zaynab to pick some of her favourite pieces from our current collections, for style inspiration on boy's wedding outfits

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22 Mar 2019


Where did the name ‘The New York Nest’ come from?

New York is a city that has an immense sense of charm and character associated with it. That magic was even more evident when I moved here five years ago and chose to call it my home. Every corner of this place is full of endless inspiration, rich history and just plain magic. It is here that I met various creatives who inspired me to start my own platform! The word “nest” has always been in my vocabulary because of its nurturing tone. To me, it represents a safe place to shelter my family. I became a mother after I moved here and literally started a nest of my own. Now add those two together and there you have it - The New York Nest!

We love your Instagram, especially when your two year old son Noah is featured. Does he enjoy having his picture taken?

Noah loves the outdoors. At any given time he’s playing with dirt, kicking rocks, collecting sticks and running around. He doesn’t like to pose for the camera too often so most of my photos of him are candid. I love carrying him which also makes it easier, although he’s getting too big for that now!


With wedding season on the horizon, have you got any weddings to attend this year?

Yes we do! We have a wedding to attend in London this April which we’re excited for! We also have a few close family weddings coming up this summer. It feels like wedding season all year round in our family, haha.
Dressing boys for a wedding can be hard. What do you consider when dressing Noah?
It really is! Sigh, I always look at baby girls at weddings and admire their dresses. Dressing boys can get a little dull, but I try and make it more fun by playing with different textures and colours. I try to avoid an all black suit unless it’s specifically a “black tie” event. 
With that said, do you have any tips on dressing boys for special occasions that you can share with us?
Define the style you’re aiming to achieve. Do you want a laid back hipster baby vibe, or do you want a complete classic style? Once that is sorted out, try out the entire outfit sometime before your event. Ensure your child is comfortable enough to walk, play and eat in their clothing. If he looks irritated or uncomfortable, it is best to give up on being the most fashionable and settle for something that is tried and tested. Trust me, you’ll be happy that you did! 


Describe your go-to style for little Noah when dressing him for a wedding.

Noah has been to a lot of weddings in his short two years, so I’ve experimented a lot with his style. I’d say for summer weddings I love to put him in a light coloured linen suit, preferably with shorts. For winter weddings I absolutely love tweed for boys suits for weddings, they are warm, and look so dapper.

What would your top picks be for wedding outfits for Noah from our current collections?

My top picks would be a pair of comfortable boys wedding shoes, and the sets of long shorts with braces! They are so perfect for spring and summer!

Tell us your idea of a perfect family day.

A perfect family day for us would definitely take place during the summer. We’re very fond of Long Island and its beautiful scenery. We do family picnics often as Noah really enjoys them. While he is playing, me and my husband get to enjoy each other’s company. There really is no better place for us than to be barefoot outdoors, under the clouds. I’m so happy to have a baby that enjoys Mother Nature as much as we do.

All images by @thenewyorknest

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