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Wedding | Tatler Wedding Guide

Published annually as part of the magazine's July edition, the Tatler wedding guide is the bible for all things high society weddings. On sale just in time for the season, it features inspiration on venues, upcoming trends and more with a who's who of anyone that's anyone.  

Astrid Joss, is the Tatler weddings editor and is responsible for overseeing the highly-anticipated supplement. In the lead up to the launch of the 2020 edition, we caught up with Astrid in the hope she would impart some of her valuable knowledge on all things nuptial related, including her top picks for little bridesmaids. 

18 Feb 2020

Which 2020 society wedding are you most excited for?

I’m very much looking forward to seeing Natalia Vodianova’s wedding to Antoine Arnault. As both hold heavy-weight fashion careers it’s bound to be both a spectacular as well as immaculate affair. More than anything I cannot wait to see what she wears and which designer she chooses to make her wedding dress. 

Do you have a favourite British wedding dress designer?

In fact I have two! Bruce Oldfield who designed my own wedding dress will forever remain close to my heart.  He persuaded me to get married in pink and proceeded to design the most exquisitely beautiful dress I could have ever dreamed of. He also came to dress me on the day which was a huge honour and made the experience all the more special. I also love Stewart Parvin who is our British Oscar de la Renta. His wedding dress designs are super stylish as well as being beautifully cut.

What are this year’s notable wedding trends?

In terms of fashion, there is a move towards adding detailed oversized accessories from bows, to flowers, belts and gloves. I think while there will always be a place for classic designs, modern wedding dresses are leaning in the direction of a ‘more is more’ approach.

Do you have an all-time favourite wedding dress worn by someone in the public eye?

I loved the late Jacqueline Kennedy’s dress by Ann Lowe. Jackie Kennedy later joked that she looked like a ‘lampshade’ but at the end of the day she had one of the best eyes in fashion and would never have worn anything she believed to be less than perfect. 

What are your top picks for bridesmaids from our current wedding collection?

1. Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle at a wedding!? The gold tone is ideal for winter weddings and the spotted collar keeps the look modern. Style: Contemporary 
2. Nicki Macfarlane is the queen of traditional British flower girl looks and this ballerina style gown is timeless in every sense. If you want to re-create a look from recent royal weddings, this is the one for you. Style: Traditional 
3. The creamy brown tones are very on trend set off by the velvet pink detailing. Style: Boho-chic
4. The lace detailing is so timeless this is a perfect church look. Style: Traditional 


5. All this frothy pink tulle with floral detailing is any little girls dream so if you want them to skip down the aisle after you, this is the way forward! Style: Contemporary 
6. Possibly the chicest little girls outfit I’ve ever seen - I wouldn’t mind a grown up version! While it oozes style and glamour, I love the ‘look at me’ aspect to it with those big polka dots. I don’t think flower girls can ever distract from the bride but only add to the overall look of the wedding. This has confidence and glamour written all over it. Style: Contemporary 
7. I couldn’t love this look more! It is so charmingly pretty and it’s wonderful to see girls in something long for a change. The tulle ruffles in the pretty pink floral Style: Contemporary 
8. Definitely still traditional in terms of its cut and overall look while the oversized roses give it a romantic edge. The mint green is such a refreshing colour. Style: Boho- chic

Graci - Green Tulle & Roses Dress | ChildrensalonGraci
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