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How to make your own snow with @mimilabesa

When the calendar flips over to December, one of the questions on everyone's lips is "Will it snow this year?" We all dream of the prospect of a white Christmas, but unless you're lucky enough to live somewhere that snow is always guaranteed, it's highly unlikely that you'll get the winter wonderland you dream about waking up to on Christmas day. That said, there's no need to worry as we have an innovative way for you to make you own - albeit just enough to play with indoors - that's super fun for children to get stuck into. 

We reached out to @mimilabesa to ask little Kadima and Zanang to show us how it's done, using cornflour and baking soda - also known as bicarbonate of soda.

1 Dec 2020


- A large mixing bowl
- 500g cornflour
- 500g bicarbonate of soda
- Water


- In a bowl, mix together equal quantities of cornflour and bicarbonate of soda. With this simple 1:1 ratio, you’ll be able to make as much or as little fake snow as you like. We used 500g of cornflour and 500g of bicarbonate of soda.

Once combined, gradually introduce a very small amount of water into the bowl and mix together with your hands. Add a little more water, just a few drops at a time until you reach a good consistency.

- Stop adding water when the mixture starts to hold its own shape, but crumbles when pressed (like snow). We used 1/8 cup of water in total for the amounts above.

Now you’re ready to play! Try squidging together the snow to make a snowman, use biscuit cutters to push the snow into shapes and use the snow to create a wintery landscape.

What did Kadima and Zanang enjoy best about this activity?

Kadima enjoyed mixing the ingredients and making shapes Christmas shapes while Zanang kept trying to break the shapes.

It doesn’t always snow every year. Have Kadima and Zanang ever played in real snow?

Kadima has played in real snow but Zanang hasn’t.

What will you be doing as a family at Christmas?

We are travelling as a family to spend Christmas with our relatives in Nigeria. 

All images by @mimilabesa

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What is snow?

This month's featured read in our Book Corner is 'What is snow?' by Marta Alvarez and Katie Daynes, published by Usborne.
As the title suggests, it gives an insight into this meteorological phenomenon, written in a fun way for kids to understand.

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