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The Gift Guide For Girls

The sheer joy of seeing children scrambling to unpack their stockings or squealing with happiness as they open a much longed-for gift, never fades. This Christmas we have so many gifts for girls that will surprise, delight and entertain. If you know a little someone with a theatrical streak, we have lots of fabulous dressing up costumes and for more sophisticated followers of fashion there is no better place to find the most breath-taking selection of dresses and accessories. Investment pieces that will last and last are always high on our list.

As well as beautifully made clothes, we have a wonderful selection of heirloom toys that will be treasured for years and passed down through families and friends. We’re completely smitten with My 1st’ Year’s doll's house, which can be personalised and who could turn down tea and cake served in a beautiful wooden Vilac tea set? Anyone on the hunt for smaller stocking fillers will love our selection of gorgeous smelling bath bubbles, sparkly hair clips and the cutest cuddly toys. We really can’t wait for Christmas morning. 


1 Dec 2022

Presents For Preschoolers

From 2-5 years

The wide-eyed wonder of toddlers and little ones taking in all the joys of Christmas is hard to beat. From cuddly characters that will never leave their side to wooden toys that will unleash their creativity - not to mention adorable outfits - we have a huge selection of gifts that every pre-schooler will love.


Billieblush - Кремово-синее платье с юбкой из тюля | ChildrensalonBillieblush
55,00 £
My 1st Years - Персонализированный кукольный домик (70см) | ChildrensalonMy 1st Years
240,00 £
Moulin Roty - Синяя кукла Фея из тюля (45см) | ChildrensalonMoulin Roty
50,00 £
Meri Meri - Золотистый костюм ангела и волшебная палочка | ChildrensalonMeri Meri
100,00 £
Vilac - Деревянный набор юного пекаря (7см) | ChildrensalonVilac
21,00 £

For Joyful Juniors

Jellycat - Мягкая игрушка Christmas Tree (43см) | ChildrensalonJellycat
35,00 £
Jacadi Paris - Голубая хлопковая пижама с облаками | ChildrensalonJacadi Paris
50,00 £
Gucci - Бежевая соломенная сумка (32см) | ChildrensalonGucci
575,00 £

From 6-10 years

This is the age when presents are pored over and treasured. We've got just the gifts to keep them enthralled, from dresses for twirling to sparkly shoes that are just too good to be saved for parties. This year we also have an incredible selection of backpacks and bags - perfect for filling up with all those important books and thank you notes.


Gucci - Красный жаккардовый ободок с принтом GG | ChildrensalonGucci
165,00 £
Mini Rodini - Бежевый хлопковый свитер с единорогами  | ChildrensalonMini Rodini
50,00 £
Mini Rodini - Бежевые хлопковые джоггеры с единорогами | ChildrensalonMini Rodini
50,00 £
Billieblush - Синие кроссовки с блестками | ChildrensalonBillieblush
71,00 £

For Tricky Tweens & Teens

UGG - Тапочки с леопардовым принтом для девочек-подростков | ChildrensalonUGG
70,00 £

From 10 years +

No pressure, but tweens and teens can be a very discerning bunch. We're not at all worried though, because we've got all the stylish clothes and accessories that they could ever dream of and plenty of statement pieces for primping and posing in. 

Moncler Enfant - Розовая шапка с помпоном  | ChildrensalonMoncler Enfant
135,00 £
Versace - Белые кожаные кроссовки | ChildrensalonVersace
360,00 £
Gucci - Сумка-тоут с котом (28см) | ChildrensalonGucci
485,00 £
Calvin Klein - Розовая хлопковая пижама | ChildrensalonCalvin Klein
55,00 £

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