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Visiting Family Friendly Resort Cancun | @emma_mcmenemy

Cancun is a city in Southeast Mexico, on the Yucatán Peninsula. It borders the Caribbean Sea with its clear tropical waters, which makes it the best family holiday destination. Together with husband and daddy Darren and little Esme, Emma and Alf headed to Playa Mujeres in the North of Cancun for their summer holiday.
We caught up with Emma to find out her best kids holiday essentials, what’s top of her family vacation packing checklist and what to pack when travelling with a baby.

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14 Jun 2019


Where did you stay - tell us about the resort? 
We stayed at Finest Playa Mujures in Cancun, it's absolutely beautiful - the best family vacation spot. The resort is located on a beautiful stretch of white sand beach and really does cater for all the family. This is the first time we've experienced this type of holiday with the children; luxury, family friendly and all-inclusive, this place ticks all the boxes for us as the best family holiday destination.

What makes Cancun good as a family holiday destination? 
Cancun has something for everyone which makes it the best family holiday destination.The beaches are beautiful, activities day and night are plentiful and being able to fly direct from most UK international airports is great especially when travelling with children.

What were your day to day activites with the children? Did you get to have any 'down time' to relax? 
It was surprisingly very relaxing. Both kids adapted to the time zone and heat instantly which meant no time was wasted and we got into a light routine straight away. Every day was a mix of playing in the pool, kids club activities, Alfie loved horse riding on the beach, afternoon naps and late afternoons spent on the beach. I got to nap with little Esme in the shade, with Alfie played in the pool, it was bliss -it’s the best vacation spot for kids.


What sun safe clothing essentials did you pack for Alf and Esme?
Protective swimwear is one of the top kids holiday essentials, especially for Alfie, he's such a water baby and was in the sun a lot throughout the day. I'm a huge fan of protective all in one swimsuits, they're so easy to wear and provide peace of mind when playing in the sun. Swim shoes are also a must, they are great if like Alfie, your little one isn't keen on sand between their toes, they are also essential for running around pool side, they’re first on my family vacation packing checklist.

What are your tips for packing light as a family and what to take on holiday with a baby?
I don't over pack and I plan outfits that are effortless. Rompers/playsuits are my go to for the children as they are so easy to wear. For this trip I also packed outfits that can be worn from day into night although I found the kids were in swimwear most of the day which left plenty of beautiful outfits to choose from at night.


You've travelled before with both Alf and Esme - what are your top tips for travelling long haul and what to pack when travelling with a baby?
For the flight, I always say you wouldn't expect a baby or toddler to sit still for 10 hours at home, therefore make the flight as interactive as possible. I often take a wander around the plane with both kids to let Alfie stretch his legs and Esme have a nosey around. I also try to break up the journey into sections. The airport is a big adventure for Alfie, pack plenty of snacks and activities for on board the flight and don't overthink it, people are very understanding when kids are around.

Is there a preferable time you choose when booking your flight time to make it easier to travel (ie night time because they sleep for example)?
Yes, I always look out for night flights, especially when flying long haul. Coming home from Mexico was perfect, we spent the day by the pool then flew home around dinner time which meant both kids slept almost the entire flight, it was perfect.

What do you look for when picking the perfect family holiday?
Somewhere that compliments family life. Before this trip I questioned if a family holiday would be relaxing with children as young as Esme and Alfie but this trip certainly was relaxing. I look for somewhere that accommodates all the family and has delicious food with the added option to order french fries and pizza for the little ones. I also love to be right on the beach, I always think the beach makes it feel like a real holiday.


Mexico has a hot, tropical climate and the weather is almost always humid. How did Alf and Esme deal with the humidity? Did you have to keep them indoors for parts of the day? 
The weather was glorious and both kids did really well with adapting to the humidity. We did have a little routine which meant I had both kids indoors between 12-4pm. That sounds like a huge chunk of the day but between lunch, downtime and an afternoon nap, it wasn't hard to fill that time at all. Also we were on the go from 7am so by lunch both children needed a rest.Luckily Cancun and most tourist areas of Mexico are low risk malaria destinations, which makes it a great choice for a tropical holiday with small children.

What essentials and skin care products do you take away with you to help protect their skin against the elements? 
I pack a number of sunscreens and lotions for the children, they both have very different skin types which means packing individual essentials for them. I also made great use of the insect nets and sun parasols for their prams, they both made a huge difference.

Finally, we all love to see little Alf at every opportunity. Did he enjoy paddling in the sea? Is Esme a water baby? 
Aw thank you! Yes she totally is a water baby, she's so like Alf, they both love to be in the pool. Alf is swimming on his own which makes the water even more exciting for him. He's such an adventurous little boy, he really has no fear at all, I love seeing how much fun they have together.

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