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Christmas | Gifts for Boys

Notoriously hard to buy for, it can be difficult to choose the ultimate gift for a boy, as it is for their dad, grandpa or uncle. If you're looking for something more practical than the latest Playstation game, an item of luxury clothing is a good place to start. 

We've put together what we think is the perfect gift edit for boys for Christmas 2019, including our top 5 picks and if you do insist on the obligatory new socks, we have just the ones. 

All images by Childrensalon
11 Nov 2019


1. A festive jumper is a must-have for Christmas. This Moschino sweatshirt is great as it's not overly Christmassey, so it can be worn afterwards. The snowflakes give it a wintery ski element and the iconic bear logo is instantly recognisable. 

2.  Every boy loves to live in trainers and these Balenciaga speed trainers are a must for boys who take fashion seriously. The iconic design is taken from the designer's main menswear collection and the sock style has become a favourite with different brands choosing to emulate the style. Not only comfortable and sporty, the all over logos are cool and there's no mistaking who made them. 
3. Iconically British, Burberry is one of the first names in luxury. Known for their classic beige check, this scarf is made from 100% cashmere. The ultimate timepiece, it features the designer's 'Vintage check' and will outlast any item of clothing as the scarf grows with your boy. 
4. Listed in the top five of the world's most wanted luxury accessories for 2019, this Gucci belt is a classic and is the epitome of cool where stocking fillers are concerned. 
5. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without new socks and for boys it's the ultimate time to invest in new socks and underwear. Go for something a bit special like this pack of two pairs of socks by Fendi, featuring the iconic Zuca print, voted most desirable logo for 2019. 

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