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Children's Art Week | Art project with @arangoirene

Children’s Art Week is a three-week programme run by Engage, a training network encouraging arts-based education in the UK. The events take place throughout schools and various other venues, but it is also possible to get inspired and take part from home. It offers a fantastic opportunity to be creative and try something new; the full programme of events can be found here, and many of the activities can be done from home.

Each week of the programme focuses on a different theme, and last week that theme was The Natural World with activities ranging from painting with natural pigments, online puppet making, and sculpture. We asked Irene from @arangoirene to take part in Children’s Art Week with her own educational and creative activity inspired by nature.

7 Jul 2020

@arangoirene says...

Keeping the children entertained while learning is not an easy feat, that is why I love finding crafty things to do with them while I can pass on knowledge at the same time. The lesson this time was about different types of trees and flowers and it was easy to talk about them while we were collecting our materials.

This craft is very easy, looks very pretty once finished and can be done by siblings of different ages- both Ariana (6) and Oliver (4) enjoyed doing this a lot.  Plus all you need is some cardboard , some string, glue and lots of leaves and flowers. We usually go for a long walk in the park or the woods and collect leaves there but this time we also used an old flower bouquet that was almost ready for the compost bin. Sustainability and recycling lessons to be learnt here too!

How to make the fairy wings

To start, draw the shape of the wings on the cardboard, cut it with scissors and punch two holes on each side of the middle of the wings shape to create the holsters for the arms.

Once this is done, the idea is to start trying to cover the whole cardboard with leaves of the larger greenery that you have picked up so the cardboard is not too visible, but with kids sometimes the steps get mixed up and they go straight onto adding the flowers ;) Use glue to stick the leaves to the wings and let it dry.

The next step

The next step is to decorate the wings with flowers or other leaves for a bit of colour. This is what my children find most fun- adding colourful bits to make the wings their ‘own’. Oliver chose to leave them green as he wanted to be a ‘dragon fairy’ while Ariana used any colourful flowers she could find to add to hers.

Once the wings are totally decorated, let them dry well so the leaves don’t fall out while playing due to wet glue. When they are dry, you can let the kids use them straight away or spray them with hair spray to prevent the leaves and flowers from browning quickly.

Other creative ideas

A continuation of this activity is to build a fairy garden or fairy house. We decided to build a fairy garden using leftover leaves and flowers and the children spent the rest of the afternoon playing being fairies and living in a fairy house in the middle of the woods.  We planted some seeds for flowers in the fairy house section, so hopefully next time we will have a surprise when we play there…

All images by @arangoirene

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