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Their Week In Outfits: Back To School By Zanna Roberts Rassi

Hi friends, I’m Zanna and I'm one of those Multi-Hyphenate types – AKA Amateur juggler! I'm the style host for E! (eonline.com), a fashion editor and co-founder of Milk Makeup (milkmakeup.com). I'm a Brit, living in NYC for the last 15 years. But my most important job; being the Mum of Rumi and Juno. Our eight-year-old-twin girls! Soon, they will enter third grade. Yikes!

Getting them out the door in the morning is rarely a serene experience in our house. They're both creative and very opinionated when it comes to their personal style… I've no idea where they get that from!

After too many mornings spent stressing and tears (mine usually!) I decided to simplify the morning routine. Now, here’s the hack: create a school uniform, even if they don’t have an official one! This means outfits that you cycle through every week. Wear, wash, repeat. Like a meal plan, have a style plan!

The key is to give kids a free-pass day; a day to mix and match whatever their hearts desire. For us, it's Friday, as it sets the vibe for the weekend. 

Using the back-to-school edit I created, here are some weekday looks Rumi, Juno and I had fun putting together.



19 Jul 2022

1. Monday = Preppy Polish

Set them up for the week by dressing them for success. Consider this a fresh take on a classic school uniform. 

Burberry - Бежевая шапка в фирменную полоску | ChildrensalonBurberry
140,00 £
Burberry - Кардиган с фирменной полоской для девочек-подростков | ChildrensalonBurberry
300,00 £


The Look: Knee-length skirt: check. Buttoned-up dress: check. Coordinated accessories: check. Lightweight knits for layering on chilly days: check. Iconic check: CHECK!

Styling Tip: Have fun with footwear. Personality can shine through, and it changes the entire vibe of a look.

Designer: Burberry’s plaid is an iconic uniform in itself. It's preppy-polished, yet built for a utilitarian purpose. These dresses are comfortable and most important for me, they wash easily. 

Rumi: “This dress is so soft. Can I sleep in it?"

2. Tuesday = Picture Perfect

Presentable but with personality is our mission; a look that’s appropriate but not boring. I think we nailed it here.


The Look: Juno's Jessie & James dress has a comfortable stretch jersey top with a bow belt detail. Rumi’s ruffled top and tartan pleated skirt adds a little more drama. To give any pretty look instant edge, add a chelsea boot. These Monnalisa boots have side zip fastenings to save on the 20-minute lace-tying sessions!

Styling Tip: Fun socks and hair accessories will add instant personality to any look.

Designer: Jessie & James is known for breaking the construction rules. It's the go-to for extra large pleats, peplums and ruffles.

Rumi: "I love it when we look the same but different."

3. Wednesday = Field-Trip Ready

When it comes to investment pieces, here’s where I keep it evergreen – by choosing classic shapes and colours.

Chloé - Синее утепленное пальто с капюшоном для девочек | ChildrensalonChloé
307,00 £
Chloé - Кремовый вязаный свитер из хлопка для девочек | ChildrensalonChloé
198,00 £

4. Thursday = Active Athleisure

Rumi and Juno crave comfort: loose fits and soft-to-the-touch fabrics, easy to put on and take off, smooth zippers and comfortable waistbands. 

Emporio Armani - Розовый шерстяной кардиган для девочек | ChildrensalonEmporio Armani
220,00 £
Emporio Armani - Синее плиссированное платье для девочек | ChildrensalonEmporio Armani
260,00 £
DKNY - Розовые хлопковые джоггеры для девочек | ChildrensalonDKNY
65,00 £


The Look: Juno’s varsity V-neck dress is stretchy and loose and she did not stop spinning in the flippy skirt. Rumi’s DKNY zip-up top is easy on and off. Cool, comfortable, and ready to win her day.

Styling Tip: Buy tonal shades like these pink, black and grey pieces that work together and can be mixed and matched.

Designer: DKNY channels the NYC spirit. Cool. Comfort. Ready for business. My little native New Yorker Rumi became instantly confident when she put this outfit on. When it comes to luxe fabrics, Emporio Armani takes the biscuit. The cardigan is so soft I couldn’t stop hugging her.

Juno: “Does ‘EA’ stand for Extra Awesome?!”



5. Friday = Freestyle

It’s important to have a day where the kids can get creative: freestyle and celebrate expression!


The Look: Rumi and Juno chose these looks, accessories and hairstyles. And boy, did they light up when they put these on! They oozed confidence that was powerful to watch. Caution: these dresses induce extreme spinning, with bold and giddy behaviour! (Also, bold prints and bright colours hide a multitude of stains.)

Styling Tip: Mix and match; there are no rules. Let them be the stylist.

Designer: Stella McCartney Kids should come with a warning label: "Causes extreme playfulness!" No designer considers sustainability and self-expression more than Stella. The clothes are lighthearted, quirky, and cool. Likewise, MARC JACOBS packs a fun punch. His knits are always super soft and stand the test of time.

Juno: “This is my most favourite dress, ever!”


All images by Zanna Roberts Rassi

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