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Written in the Stars | Discover our Top Picks for the Pisces Child

Twelve signs make up the zodiac, and each comes with a list of attributes and personality traits unique to them. Sceptic or staunch believer, discovering your astrological sign and reading your horoscope is a lot of fun, and it can also be an entertaining thing to do with your kids. Read on as we delve into the twelfth astrological sign of the zodiac, Pisces, and reveal what that might mean for your bundle of joy.

If your child's birthday falls between February 9th and March 20th, you are raising a creative Pisces, and you're probably currently looking for gift ideas for kids! We are going to run through the leading characteristics of a Pisces child, what that might mean for them, and better yet, if you're stuck on what to buy for a Pisces child, we have some recommendations for a gift so perfect it's as if it was written in the stars.

10 Mar 2022

Gifts for a Pisces Baby

Jellycat - Grey Dog Soft Toy (35cm) | ChildrensalonJellycat
Rainbow Designs - Winnie The Pooh Learning Toy | ChildrensalonRainbow Designs
Liewood - Wooden Puzzle Box (26cm) | ChildrensalonLiewood
aden + anais - Baby Bonding Playmat (114cm) | Childrensalonaden + anais

Gifts for a Pisces Baby

1. Piscean babies will love to exercise their imaginations with this toy tea set from Liewood - provided there are enough cups for all of their make-believe guests!

2. Loving Pisces children often can't get enough cuddles, and this snuggly soft toy puppy from Jellycat will welcome their affection!

3. Designed to stimulate sensory development, this cute Winnie The Pooh Learning Toy from Rainbow Designs will encourage their visual learning skills from a young age. 

4. The fun shapes of this wooden puzzle box from Liewood will spark their imagination and promote independent play - it's a win-win!

5. This soft and colourful playmat from aden + anais will transport babies to a faraway land, inspiring little daydreamers to play and explore this make-believe world.  

Gifts for a Pisces Child

Moulin Roty - Soft Toys Wardrobe Set | ChildrensalonMoulin Roty
Donsje - Bronze Fish Bag (20cm) | ChildrensalonDonsje
Jellycat - Green Octopus Soft Toy (14cm) | ChildrensalonJellycat
Billieblush - Blue Iridescent Sequin Dress | ChildrensalonBillieblush

Gifts for a Pisces Child

1. Expressive and artistic Pisces children will appreciate this Stella McCartney Kids x The Beatles collaboration, complete with some iconic artwork from the world-famous band.

2. Let Nini Mouse and Sylvian Rabbit inspire little imaginations with this adorable wardrobe set from Moulin Roty.

3. Not only is this 100% leather Donsje bag incredibly cute, but its fish design makes it perfect for the Piscean daydreamer!

4. This shimmery, sequin dress from Billieblush embodies Pisces energy, reminding us of glistening waters and iridescent sea creatures!

5. Little dreamers can lose themselves in the underwater world of Jellycat's green octopus plush toy.

Gifts for a Pisces Teen

Dolce & Gabbana - Teen Blue & Orange T-Shirt | ChildrensalonDolce & Gabbana
Molo - Fish Sunglasses (UVA/UVB) | ChildrensalonMolo
Versace - Teen Boys Blue Medusa T-Shirt | ChildrensalonVersace

Gifts for a Pisces Teen

1. Artistic and imaginative, Pisceans will need somewhere to store their creative tools so they can create on the go! This basket bag from Chloé ensures easy access for when inspiration suddenly strikes! 

2. This seaweed print is reminiscent of the wriggly paintings of Matisse, and what better way to express love for all things arty than these colourful dungarees from Stella McCartney Kids? 

3. Catch the imagination of a Piscean with this Versace t-shirt, finished with their underwater astrological sign circling the iconic logo.

4. Wear your "art" on your sleeve! The marbled design of this Dolce & Gabbana t-shirt reminds us of swirling paint, sure to inspire a creative Pisces teen.

5. We've all heard of statement sunglasses, and what better way for Pisces teens to proudly wear their star sign than with this pair of aquatic-themed sunnies from Molo?


If you didn't find what you're looking for above, there are plenty more designer gifts for kids to discover at Childrensalon. Browse our newest arrivals here.

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