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#SafeAtHome | Host Sports Day at Home with @fitnessrunsinthefamily

As this academic year draws to a close and the summer holidays are just around the corner, now is the time that all primary aged children would be taking part in sports day - a quintessentially British school event, traditionally held the last week of summer term. 

One family who knows how to have fun whilst keeping fit is @fitnessrunsinthefamily - mum Lucinda Newman-Jones and her three little girls. We asked Lucinda to talk us through their family sports day in lieu of her girls missing out on the real thing,


Lucinda says...

"One of the highlights for my children is sports day. They love cheering on their friends, having a go at the variety of sporting challenges and winning points for their house or getting stickers or medals for taking part in the races and events. Sports day need not only be about who can run the fastest - although it’s always good for kids of all abilities to try their very best and feel proud of themselves for putting in their best performance - it can also be about challenging skill, accuracy and strength"

20 Jul 2020


Here I explain how you can recreate the fun of Sports Day at home - you don’t need a big garden for long races - you can do this in a small garden, on a patio or even indoors, which may be necessary considering the unpredictable British summer weather!

- Pre-Event Prep -

Before the big day, start the excitement days or weeks earlier by enjoying some art and crafts, making the sports day props. 
- Make your own medals, rosettes and stickers for prizes - you can even decorate some stools, steps or boxes to use as a podium.
- Make a large banner using paper that says ‘Sports Day 2020’ or put up some pre-made bunting in your team colours to set the scene.

- Keeping Score -

It's hard for siblings of different ages to compete directly against each other because of differing ability levels. One way to keep score would be for each player to complete each challenge three times, every time trying to beat their own score. You can then note down their best attempt on a white board or draw a chart on a big piece of card, giving them a sticker or star for completing each challenge.

- Setting the scene -

That magical moment when the kids parade on to the sports field in their PE kit in their classes or houses waving madly when they see their parents is just brilliant! Recreate this by playing the traditional sports day theme tune Chariots of Fire  by Vangelis or if you’re not into this - how about We are the Champions by Queen? Keep the vibes going with a motivational sound track!


For the events I’ve described below all you need is:

- A stop watch

- A measuring tape

You can get creative with the props you use in the ‘just for fun’ events


- Long Jump
- Place a measuring tape along the ground. 
- From a two footed start position, jump forwards along the length of the tape and land on both feet.
- Once they have landed, measure the distance jumped using the tape measure. 

- High jump -
- Secure the measuring tape vertically against the wall of your house. 
- Measure the height of each child. 
- Each child should jump upwards next to the measuring tape and touch it as high up as they can reach at the top of the jump.
- Record the difference between the height of the child and the height of the greatest reach at the top of the jump.

- Speed Jump -
- Place the measuring tape along the floor to roughly 30cm in length.
- Each child should start with two feet on one side of the tape, jump up and over the tape to land on the other side, as quickly as they can.
- See how many jumps each child can do in 1 minute.


- Challenge each child to see how many press ups they can do in 1 minute
- Challenge each child to see how long they can hold a wall squat sit


- See how long each child can hold an age appropriate balance - this could be standing on one leg, a yoga tree or an arabesque, depending on their ability. 


-  Challenge each child to do the most number of burpees or star jumps in 1 minute
- Challenge each child to run from one end of the patio or garden, perform 10 star jumps, run back, perform 10 press ups, run to the other end, perform 5 burpees then sprint back to the finish line, for the ultimate fitness race. 


- The traditional wheelbarrow race
- The traditional sack race - if you don't have sacks you could use bags for life
- A family tug of war - if you don't have a rope, you can use an old bed sheet wound up from corner to corner
- The school sports dasy classic - the egg and spoon race
- Old fashioned hop scotch
- Leap frog 
- The traditonal obstacle race - you can get really creative here using hula hoops, small bean bags, a ball,  fancy dress, a fabric tunnel, a ladder etc. to design a fun challenge.


Don't forget the all important celebrations afterwards. All the children can be awarded (homemade) medals, rosettes or stickers for their efforts. You can invite them onto the make shift ‘podium’ to take a bow and pose for a picture. I’d then recommend a refuel of lovely picnic food or a BBQ and some refreshing ice lollies.

All images by @fitnessrunsinthefamily

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