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Our Favourite Bedtime Stories for Children

Motivating little ones to settle down and get ready to sleep at bedtime can be a big task, but the routine and tranquility of listening to a bedtime story is sure to encourage even the most excitable young children into a restful slumber. For millennia we have told stories at bedtime to settle our youngest generation down to sleep. Whether through oral recall or the reading of books, the tradition of bedtime stories is as ancient as it is wonderful.

An activity most commonly enjoyed by younger children, bedtime storytelling offers a wealth of benefits to growing and curious minds. From building upon their imaginations to introducing lessons in morality and what it means to be human, bedtime stories are suitable for children from an early age. Our top five picks are mostly tailored to little ones, but there is a collection of short stories, Bedtime Stories: Beautiful Black Tales from the Past, that are perfect for early readers to enjoy themselves.

15 Dec 2021

Little Glow by Katie Sahota

Ages 2-5 years

A new release already with a wealth of acclaim, Little Glow is a triumph of togetherness and shows us all our commonality in our diverse and varied celebrations. The candle flame that flickers in the window narrates the story, observing many (unnamed) celebrations by people from different cultures and backgrounds and demonstrates to its readers that it is light that appears in them all. Little Glow is a wonderful bedtime story for children that is certain to leave you with a warm and fuzzy feeling in your heart.

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Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

Ages 2-5 years

Bedtime story favourite, Goodnight Moon is a delightful book with a simple yet poetic narrative, promising to leave its audience in a calm and peaceful state, ready for a good night’s sleep. A great choice for the youngest of children, the familiar and repetitive vocabulary combined with sweet illustrations makes the storyline relatable and easy to follow.

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Peace at Last by Jill Murphy

Ages 2-5 years

A charming picture book with lovely illustrations, Peace at Last tells the story of a daddy who cannot get to sleep one night. The constant disturbance of all of those background noises that we are exposed to as we lay down to rest is something that is familiar to all of us, whatever our age. 

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Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

Ages 2-5 years

A true classic, Where the Wild Things Are has been a bedtime story favourite since its publication. Exploring the incredible imagination of a young and courageous boy, the story follows his adventurous daydream to a place full of ‘wild things’. He becomes the King of all wild things – a brave and confident boy. At the end of his great adventure, he misses home and comes back to find his supper from his loving mother waiting for him – and it is still hot.

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Bedtime Stories: Beautiful Black Tales from the Past by Candice Braithwaite, Ashley Hickson Lovence and Wendy Shearer

Age 6+ years

Recently released, Bedtime Stories: Beautiful Black Tales from the Past is a celebration of Black heritage and was published and launched to tie in with Black History Month 2021. The book hosts a number of short bedtime stories about events and key figures from all over the world. A notable addition to this esteemed collection is a story written by seven-year-old Sarah Mirkin, who won a competition to have her story included in the publication – an incredible achievement and well worth a read.

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