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Little Storytellers | September 2020

Inspire little minds with our creative story series - an opportunity for budding little authors to tell their own tale and create their unique ending. All they need is a printer, paper, pen, an imagination and they're ready to go! ...

This month's story encourages children to tackle germs head on as they enter into Arthur's world, where he plans to take on the Germ King and his team of grubby minions. 

With cleanliness and hand washing at the top of everyone's agenda right now, join Arthur on his mission to eradicate germs for good. Have fun making your own superhero costume with things you find around the house and take part in the fun questions at the end to tailor-make your very own story ... 

7 Sep 2020

Little Storyteller

Like every kid and grown up in the city, young Arthur had spent the past few months stuck inside. He had watched every show, read every book and drawn every picture he could think of — and today, Arthur came to the conclusion that he was the most bored anyone has ever been!

As the front door clunked, Arthur ran to the kitchen to see if his mum had brought anything exciting home from the shops but was greeted with very unexciting groceries. Glancing over her shoulder from the sink, Arthur’s mum noticed she was being watched by a very bored and slightly disappointed face. With her hands full of soap, she said, “When I asked your sister to look after you, I thought it would mean you two actually spent some time together.” Arthur was relieved that his sister was too busy messaging her friends; she was never much fun anyway. “I wanted to play heroes today, Mum, but she said the baddies stay inside when it rains so I should just watch TV.” Arthur’s mum finished rinsing her hands. “Well, that’s simply not true,” she began, as an idea popped into her head. “Everyone needs a hero more than ever right now.” Intrigued, Arthur sat at the kitchen table and waited to find out his mission. “I gave you a face mask, didn’t I? I must have forgotten to you give you your cape as well!” she said as she reached into the freshly folded laundry, taking out a pinstriped pillowcase.

Arthur’s mum continued to tell the story of the sneaky Germ King and all of his loyal germ minions. She finished her tale by explaining that the only way to defeat the Germ King is by spreading the message that we must keep ourselves clean and protected from the minions . . . and for that we need a superhero and some good old-fashioned soap! Arthur’s mum carefully attached the corners of the pillowcase-turned-cape to the shoulders of his jumper with two safety pins, before he dashed to his room to complete his superhero get-up. “Watch out Germ King, here I come” he said to himself in the mirror as he slipped on his favourite face mask and into character.

Arthur has an important message to share and he needs your help...

- Firstly, Arthur needs a superhero name so that he can introduce himself. Can you think of a suitable name?

How will Arthur help his family and friends stay safe from the Germ King’s minions?

- Have you got any advice for others on how to avoid the germ minions when out and about?

- Why don’t you join the superhero squad? With Mum or Dad’s help — all you need is a pillowcase, face mask and your best superhero pose.

Don’t forget to practise that speech — and share pictures or videos of your superhero style on Instagram with the hashtag #CSbookcorner

Spread the word, not the germs!

Help Arthur share the message...


Get involved!


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