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CS Summer Camp | Printable Activities

School's out for the summer which means for the entire month of August, we'll be encouraging children to turn off the TV and take part in our host of interactive summer-time activities on our online Childrensalon Summer Camp. 

As part of the activities we'll be running, we've designed some fun printable sheets that can be downloaded and printed off.

Simply click on an activity, print it off and you're good to go! 

5 Aug 2020

Complete the story


Plants themed crafts with Grace

- You will need -
Printable templates, scissors, glue, colouring pencils
Optional Extras - coloured or patterned paper, stickers, decorations

- Plant themed crafts directions -

1. Cut out your four seasons trees
2. Colour and decorate each tree to match its season
3. When you have finished decorating, fold each tree in half
4. Stick the four trees together to create one tree through the seasons
5. Be sure to follow nature's pattern - Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn!

Don't forget to take a picture and share to our Instagram page using #CSSummerCamp! HERE 

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