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The Childrensalon Book Corner | Diverse Families

The fourth edition in our Childrensalon Book Corner series covers the topic of diverse families.  The word diverse when describing a family most commonly refers to a family unit that is not wholly conventional. The most traditional family unit is referred to as the nuclear family, consisting of two parents and their children living together in one household.
In an age where diversity is becoming the norm within families, 50 years ago the concept of divorce, for example, was almost unheard of, yet today it's estimated that close to 50% of marriages will end in divorce. 

Other factors equating to diversity within the family include multicultural relationships, same sex parents and the modern term blended meaning two families that are brought together via a relationship with a parent from each family. 

Single parent families are common in today's society and one in four children are born to a single mother. We sent our book - All about Families - to two mums raising their family alone - both with different stories to tell, the one thing they have in common in their respective families is love. 

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22 Jul 2020

Alesha - @margo_elsie_and_me

What’s one of the biggest lessons you’ve learnt from parenthood?
To not try and tidy and clean the house during the day, wait till the children are asleep! 

Raising children as a single parent comes with its own challenges, and raising twins must be quite a handful! Have you any tips for parents raising young children on their own?
Yes, it’s a lot at times. My words of wisdom would be - That you are amazing. You are everything to those children, and yes some days will be tough and but the cuddles and kisses make up for it. My advice would be to take the help people offer you. Don’t feel like you’re a burden, people want to help, so let them, don’t be afraid to ask for help either.

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Zaffron - @zaffronmoon

As a family, we are currently going through a massive tragedy that happened to us on Christmas Eve last year. 
I have been very open about my experience of grief and want to share the highs and lows of what this pain can do to a family. I try to use my Instagram as a platform to talk openly about grief. I feel sometimes in a situation like this you can feel like you're on your own.

What would your advice be to parents juggling grief and raising young children?
- To talk openly - it’s really surprising what the children can pick up on. Your vibes create the atmosphere and how they also respond to you. Don’t hide your pain from them, let them try to heal you. Let them give you that cuddle when you may need it. 
- It’s tough at times and also hard to watch a young child learn how to cope with the pain of losing someone so special. Don’t bottle it up - try to answer their questions in a language they understand. 
- Don’t hold back or be hard on yourself. It’s a very long road. Just know you're doing great and every day you keep moving a little bit forward. The biggest lesson I have learnt in parenthood would be that it’s never how you imagine it - you walk into a world that you are unsure of.
- People will say all different things, explaining what you should and shouldn’t do,yet there is no correct way of doing it. It’s your journey, your story and your children.
Take advice but don’t feel you have to follow if you believe it won’t work for you.
- Believe in yourself, knowing you are fully capable.
- Trust yourself. 

Is there anything specific that’s really helped you?
- Not to put pressure on myself.
- To go at my own speed. 
- To embrace every emotion.

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