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October 2022 | This Month We're Inspired By ...

Is anyone feeling spooky yet? We’re getting so excited about dressing up for Halloween this year, especially with all the amazing costume inspiration at Childrensalon – we really do have something for every mini witch or wizard and we’ve got dinosaurs and unicorns covered too!


Magic isn’t just for Halloween and we’re completely enchanted by the changing scenes of nature and all those crunchy leaves underfoot. Now is the perfect time for a nature hunt in the woods and layering up in soft knits and waterproofs to stay cosy, while outdoor adventures and rosy cheeks are the order of the season.

6 Oct 2022

No Tricks Here! Only Treats ...

Meri Meri - Schwarzer Hexenhut aus Samt (M) | ChildrensalonMeri Meri
38,00 £
Meri Meri - Drachenkostüm in Metallic-Grün | ChildrensalonMeri Meri
58,00 £
Meri Meri - Schwarzes Samtcape & Zauberstab Set | ChildrensalonMeri Meri
80,00 £
Meri Meri - Blaues Tüll- & Goldstern-Kostüm | ChildrensalonMeri Meri
68,00 £
Meri Meri - Grünes Papageien-Kostüm-Set | ChildrensalonMeri Meri
58,00 £
Meri Meri - Rosa Zauberer-Samtkostüm (M) | ChildrensalonMeri Meri
115,00 £
Meri Meri - Blaues Hai-Cape-Kostüm | ChildrensalonMeri Meri
65,00 £

Halloween Inspo From Meri Meri

New to Childrensalon is UK based lifestyle brand Meri Meri, who have surpassed themselves this year with an incredible selection of magical ensembles for the best-dressed sorcerers in town. These costumes are so beautifully made they’ll be passed down through siblings and friends for years to come and we’re sure they’ll spend more time outside the dressing up box than in it. We’re spellbound by the plush velvet wizard robes, ruffled witch’s hats and a very fetching cape with a gossamer tulle collar. Consider us bewitched…

Into The Woods

Mayoral - Graues Strickmützen-Set für Mädchen | ChildrensalonMayoral
26,00 £
Zadig&Voltaire - Beiges Flanellhemd für Jungen | ChildrensalonZadig&Voltaire

95,00 £

57,00 £

Stella McCartney Kids - Oranger Fuchs-Rucksack (40 cm) (J) | ChildrensalonStella McCartney Kids

101,00 £

70,70 £

Joules - Wendemantel in Grün und Orange | ChildrensalonJoules

45,00 £

22,50 £

Bonpoint - Geblümtes Cordkleid in Grün (M)  | ChildrensalonBonpoint

153,00 £

91,80 £

EN FANT - Braune Thermo-Gummistiefel | ChildrensalonEN FANT
41,00 £
Boboli - Gestrickter Zickzack-Pullover (J) | ChildrensalonBoboli

32,00 £

16,00 £

Liewood - Khakigrüne Wendeweste | ChildrensalonLiewood
71,00 £

Adventures In Autumn

Foraging, bug hunting, den building, squirrel spotting - there is so much fun to be found on a woodland walk. Add in a flurry of autumn leaves and plenty of muddy puddles, you’ve got the perfect recipe for a multi-sensory outdoor adventure. Woodland explorers do need the right clothing of course, so we’ve rounded up our favourite waterproof coats, knits and boots to keep the wet out and the warmth in, while they’re enjoying all that fresh air. We love this water repellent, reversible orange and camo jacket from Joules that gives the option of blending in or standing out and who could resist Stella McCartney’s fox backpack? An essential for storing sandwiches and conkers.

A Lesson In Layering

iDO Junior - Oranges Leggings-Set | ChildrensaloniDO Junior

48,00 £

19,20 £

iDO Baby - Steppjacke in Blau und Braun | ChildrensaloniDO Baby

85,00 £

42,50 £

iDO Junior - Beiges Sweatshirt mit Fransen (M) | ChildrensaloniDO Junior

45,00 £

22,50 £

iDO Baby - Braune Cordhose für Jungen | ChildrensaloniDO Baby

39,00 £

27,30 £

iDO Junior - Karierter Rock in Rot und Beige (M) | ChildrensaloniDO Junior

54,00 £

21,60 £

iDO Baby - Braune Kapuzenjacke für Jungen | ChildrensaloniDO Baby

36,00 £

18,00 £

iDO Baby - Rosa Strickmützen-Set für Mädchen | ChildrensaloniDO Baby

42,00 £

21,00 £

iDO Junior - Beige Leoparden-Leggings (M) | ChildrensaloniDO Junior

21,00 £

8,40 £

iDO’s CosySeasonal Separates

Italian label iDO, has its roots in the tree-lined mountains of Tuscany, so it’s little wonder that they know exactly how to dress children for the crisp autumn months. With a wonderful selection of on-trend separates, perfect for layering up when it gets cold, this is your go-to brand for creating a cosy capsule wardrobe that is as comfy as it’s cool. Brilliantly, iDO caters for kids up to age 16 so everyone can enjoy warm walks and snug-as-a-bug down-time in these gorgeous clothes.

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